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It is Not Just North Korea But Asia That is in US Crosshairs
Imagine that you lead the US deep state, and you are observing the real-time flow of Western technology, industry and next-generation skills to the East with alarm. How will you reverse this trend with one master stroke and temporarily staunch the decline of Pax Americana?   [...]
Russia to Lend Its Shoulder to De-Electrified Lugansk Republic in Spite of Kiev
When deciding to suspend supply of electricity to the Lugansk People's Republic, Kiev seems to have failed to heed Russia's readiness to lend its shoulder to the de-electrified region, Ukrainian politician and rights activist Vladimir Oleynik told Sputnik. In an interview with Sputnik, Ukrainian politician and rights activis [...]
Why Flight Safety Memo Suspension Became Painful Experience for US
The collapse of Russo-American collaboration over flight safety in Syria turned out to be a painful experience for the US, Russian academic Nikita Danyuk suggested in an interview with Radio Sputnik, adding that it is unlikely that Washington will continue to infringe on the Syrian state. [...]
US actions can see nuclear war ‘break out at any point’ – N. Korean UN envoy
US military drills and provocations risk destabilizing the Korean peninsula, North Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations has warned, possibly plunging the region into a nuclear war. Pyongyang also vowed to continue its missile tests whenever it suits the country. [...]
Entire US Senate to descend on White House for N. Korea briefing
The Trump administration has asked every member of the US Senate to meet at the White House on Wednesday for a briefing on North Korea, in a rare and unusual move, amid mounting tensions with Pyongyang. All 100 senators have been asked to attend the Wednesday briefing, which will be conducted by Secretary of State Rex Tillers [...]
UK risks being ‘wiped off the map with nuclear counterstrike’ – Russian senator
The UK, which recently said it could launch a preemptive nuclear strike “in the most extreme circumstances,” runs the risk of being “wiped off the face of the Earth,” the deputy head of a Russian upper house committee said. [...]
Theresa May would fire Britain’s nuclear weapons even if the UK is not under nuclear attack
Theresa May would fire Britain’s nuclear weapons as a ‘first strike’ if necessary, the Defence Secretary has said. Michael Fallon said the Prime Minister was prepared to launch Trident in “the most extreme circumstances”, even if Britain itself was not under nuclear attack. The statement came as the Conservatives conti [...]
What’s Behind US Businessmen Renouncing Their Citizenship en Masse
The number of Americans renouncing their citizenship rose to a new record of over 5,000 people last year. According to the latest government data, the 2016 trend showed a 26% year-on-year increase. [...]
Iran ready for Shanghai Pact full membership – Russian FM Lavrov
Russia strongly backs Iranian membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), now that UN Security Council sanctions have been lifted from the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said. Iran is ready to become a full-fledged member of the organization, Lavrov said Friday during an SCO Council of Fore [...]
Why is US media ignoring all dissenting expert voices on the Khan Sheikhoun attack?
Nothing prompts abdication of journalistic responsibility on American TV more swiftly than “beautiful” images of bombs crashing down on Syria. It must be assumed that while busy fawning over Donald Trump’s various military escapades, journalists simply haven’t had the time to give dissenting voices an opportunity to b [...]
Ceasefire for Khan Sheikhoun if experts come to probe Syria chemical incident – Russian MoD
Fighting in the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun will cease when experts arrive to investigate the alleged chemical attack, the Russian Ministry of Defense has said in a statement. [...]
‘I won’t devote my life to a**holes’: French mayor threatens to quit after Le Pen wins region
Daniel Delomez, the mayor of Annezin in the Pas-de-Calais commune of northern France, vented his anger over Marine Le Pen gaining 38 percent of the votes in the region, warning he may resign because he “doesn’t want to dedicate life to as*holes.” [...]
Without Pantsir, Buk and Tor, S-400s Alone Not Enough to Cover Syria’s Skies
In the aftermath of Thursday's Tomahawk cruise missile attack on the Ash Sha'irat airbase in Homs, Syria, Moscow vowed to strengthen its air defense umbrella over the country. Experts have already explained which systems need to be deployed to ensure Syria's safety against future US attacks. [...]
Austrian Minister Demands Fines for Turks Illegally Holding Dual Citizenship
Acquiring a second citizenship is illegal in Austria. After the referendum in Turkey, the Austrian interior minister additionally called for fining Austrian Turks for obtaining it. Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka said Wednesday he would seek hefty fines for ethnic Turks holding Austrian citizenship who illegally [...]
Major Evidence That Assad Did Not Conduct Chemical Attacks
The current march to war in Syria is being justified by claiming that Bashar al Assad used chemical weapons on his people. This video demonstrates evidence that Assad did not have chemical weapons because they were all destroyed in 2014. Major Evidence That Assad Did Not Conduct Chemical Attacks Congresswoman Tulsi [...]
Assad: US ‘Fabricated’ Chemical Weapons Attack, Videos Could be Staged
The Syrian chemical weapons attack last Tuesday blamed on the Assad regime was “100 percent” a “fabrication,” Syrian leader Bashar Al Assad said in an interview Wednesday with AFP. The embattled Syrian president argued he never ordered the attack on the Idlib province which left some 80 dead, and said western-backed f [...]
Russia’s Disdain for Tillerson and Trump
With Russia’s hopes for détente with President Trump dashed by his missile strike on Syria, the Kremlin looks askance at visiting Secretary of State Tillerson who it feels played the Colin Powell role for his boss, says Gilbert Doctorow. Secretary of State Tillerson Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s visit to Moscow was [...]

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