Google wins lawsuit, can continue to use facial recognition tech on users without consent

A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit that alleged Google’s nonconsensual use of facial recognition technology violated users’ privacy rights, allowing the tech giant to continue to scan and store their biometric data.

Just Business: Why US Energy Giants Are Opposing Anti-Russia Sanctions

Instead of hitting Russia’s energy sector, Washington’s sanctions imposed on Moscow since 2014 have finally backfired on major US oil and gas companies, depriving them of lucrative opportunities and forcing them out of Russia. While Russia is boosting oil output following a decision by OPEC and non-OPEC producers to ease extraction cuts, US petroleum companies are reaping the bitter […]

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Schwarzenegger wants to sue Big Oil for ‘First Degree Murder’

Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he is taking oil companies to court “for knowingly killing people all over the world.” “This is no different from the smoking issue. The tobacco industry knew for years and years and years and decades, that smoking would kill people, would harm people and create cancer, and were hiding that […]

Enough Already: Hospitals Form Own Drug Firm to Fight Big Pharma Price Gouging

A group of some of the largest hospital chains in the US has had it with Big Pharma price gouging, announcing their intention to form their own nonprofit drug manufacturing company.  A coalition of several of America’s largest hospital systems have announced that they will collaborate on the creation of a not-for-profit organization to manufacture […]

Families of Death Squad Victims Allowed to Sue Chiquita Executives

In what supporters described as “a victory for accountability for corporate crimes,” a U.S. judge ruled in favor of allowing Colombians to sue former Chiquita Brand International executives for the company’s funding of a paramilitary group that murdered plaintiffs’ family members.

‘This is What Consumers Want’: General Mills to Start Labeling GMOs

Environmental and consumer advocacy groups hailed decision by food manufacturer and called on Congress to follow suit. General Mills will start labeling genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in all its food products, thanks to Vermont’s impending GMO law and the failure of the ‘voluntary labeling’ law in U.S. Congress this week.

Mother of German MH17 crash victim sues Ukraine in EU court

The mother of a victim killed in the Malaysian plane crash in eastern Ukraine has started legal proceedings to sue the Ukrainian authorities in the European Court of Human Rights, demanding about $1 million for pain and suffering. The mother of “Olga L.”, a German citizen, submitted her case against Ukraine to the European Court […]

Canadian beekeepers’ sting: Pesticide giants sued for $450mn over bee deaths

Canadian honey producers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Bayer and Syngenta to recover losses dating as far back as 2006, claiming that neonicotinoids they produce and sell are killing bees and cause massive material damage. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of all Canadian beekeepers by honey producers Sun Parlor Honey Ltd. and Munro Honey […]

Facebook given deadline in “largest privacy class action in Europe”

Facebook has been given four weeks to respond to a class action, launched against it by an Austrian activist and supported by 60,000 users. The suit claims Facebook violated users’ privacy, by cooperating with the NSA’s PRISM program. The class action initiated by Max Schrems, an Austrian lawyer, data privacy activist and founder of Europe […]

“Not another broken promise!”€™ Activists across globe demand Guantanamo closure

Activists around the world will join the Gitmo Global Day of Action, demanding the prison be closed and an end to the indefinite detention of its inmates. They say President Obama hasn’t fulfilled his promises as hunger strikes and force-feeding continue.

Ukraine dangerously interfering with press freedom -€“ Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch (HRW) says Ukraine’s military and security services are “€œdangerously interfering with press freedom”€ by detaining journalists working with Russian news agencies and denying others entry into the country.

Breaking: Fukushima Employee Files Lawsuit over Radiation Exposure

A worker at Fukushima filed a historic lawsuit over radiation exposure, saying TEPCO exposed him to dangerous levels of radiation without his knowledge. Shinichi is asking TEPCO for 11 million yen in compensation for the company’s negligence. That translates to only about $110,000 in US dollars – a small price for a big company to […]