‘Beyond the pale’: Americans horrified by report that CIA under Trump discussed assassinating Julian Assange

Journalists, political analysts, and press organizations expressed shock on Sunday over a report that claimed members of former president Donald Trump’s administration had plotted to assassinate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Yahoo News interviewed more than 30 former Trump administration officials for its article revealing that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) under Trump’s then-CIA Director […]

How Biden’s Effort to Weaponise Human Rights Against Russia May Backfire on Washington

While Joe Biden has vowed to “press” Moscow on human rights issues in Geneva, he may be given a dose of his own medicine one day given Washington’s record of human rights abuses both at home and abroad, according to economist and author Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. President Joe Biden has vowed to bring up […]

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China’s right. The long, grim death toll from America’s 201 military conflicts since 1945 reveals the world’s real bad guy

A hard-hitting report by a Chinese group has slammed the US for its history of “humanitarian disasters” under the guise of human rights. The accusation fuels an escalating war of words between Beijing and Washington. A Chinese organization has published a report slamming the United States as responsible for a “History of Humanitarian Disasters” citing what it […]

Guaido’s Team Urged to Comply With UK Court Order in Venezuelan Gold Litigation, Lawyers Say

LONDON – The UK judge presiding over the case of the Venezuelan gold in the Bank of England urged the legal team representing Venezuela’s self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido to find “better excuses” for its failure to comply with a UK court order to pay for the legal costs of the appeal it lost in October. […]

Was Maduro the ‘jackpot’? Former US Green Berets reveal new details of botched Venezuela coup in interrogation tapes

Detained US ex-soldiers said they were tasked with securing an airfield in Venezuela in order to put President Nicolas Maduro on a plane after toppling him. The men were charged with plotting a coup against the government. Venezuelan state TV has aired new interrogation tapes of the two former US Green Berets charged with participating […]