Alex Jones

BREAKING: CIA Officer/Former FBI Boasts “Can Put Anyone in Jail…Set ’Em Up!” “We Call It a Nudge”🎞
"President Reagan’s Executive Order in 1981 also “permits” the CIA to “enter into arrangements with state and local police,” which certainly facilitates violating state and local laws. CIA officers with such “arrangements” and “police cover in the form of badges and other identification” can obviously exercise “police” and “law enforcement” powers, both of which are prohi [...]
OH SH*T, Alex Jones’s Newest Predictions Are TERRIFYING!
As Elon Musk reinstates Alex Jones to X, which of Jones’s “conspiracy theories” turned out to be eerily factual, and what are his predictions for the future? Spoiler: they’re terrifying.     [...]
Alex Jones Got ALL THESE Predictions Right!🎞
Alex Jones is typically dismissed by the mainstream media as a “conspiracy theorist” mostly notable for being kicked off various social media platforms and ranting about the New World Order and Sandy Hook. Except if you check his record, he’s been remarkably prescient in his predictions, whether about 9/11, COVID or any number of other serious events. [...]