US Dollar PLUMMETS After Egypt Joins BRICS G7 In SHOCK! 🎞
Explore the surprising decision of Egypt joining the BRICS bloc and its impact on global markets. Learn why Egypt aims to diversify its relations, reduce dependence on the US, and align with emerging powers. Discover how this move has affected the value of the US dollar, global oil markets, and international trade. Join the conversation and share your thoughts on this significant shift in the glob [...]
Egypt Puts Itself at Risk of US Sanctions by Purchasing Russian Figher Jets, American Official Says
Russia intends to start deliveries of nearly two dozen Su-35E air superiority fighter planes to Egypt between 2020-2021 in a deal worth the equivalent of over $2 billion. US officials have repeatedly warned that the deliveries could lead to sanctions against Cairo. Egypt's decision to purchase Russian-made fighter aircraft may result in sanctions and a halt in the delivery of US military equipment [...]