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ACLU settles torture case with CIA-contracted psychologists
The ACLU has declared a “historic victory” following the settlement of its lawsuit against two CIA-contracted psychologists involved in torturing suspects and developing the agency’s ‘enhanced interrogation program.' The terms are confidential. CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou told RT that while the settlement is histo [...]
‘Loser superpower’:  Russian senators claim US campaign in Afghanistan ended in failure
Members of the Russian upper house have stated that the 16-year US military campaign in Afghanistan had ended in failure and reiterated a call for Washington to withdraw troops from that country. “George Bush Junior started the war, Barack Obama promised to end it but never did it. [...]
North Korea faces ‘strong military consequences’ if it attacks – Mattis
US Defense Secretary James Mattis put the military option against North Korea back on the table following President Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon saying that a military action against Pyongyang is out of the question. “There are strong military consequences if [North Korea] initiates hostilities,” Mattis said a [...]
Trump threatens China with new trade war, Beijing appears unmoved
Amid expectations of the US launching investigations into China’s alleged theft of American intellectual property as well as unfair trade practices, Beijing appears unmoved by the imminent probe while US businesses fear reprisals in case the row unintentionally escalates. Washington is expected to soon announce investigatio [...]
America can’t substitute Russian gas in Europe even if it ships it for free – diplomat
The United States will most likely fail to oust Russia as the main supplier of gas to Europe, according to the Russian envoy to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov. "And if even Americans supplied liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe free of charge, they simply would not have had enough opportunity to replace Russian supplie [...]
‘Appallingly bad’ F-35 fighter jets to cost taxpayers even more as pound falls
The price tag attached to Britain’s next generation F-35 fighter jets is expected to rise dramatically. The controversial aircraft is in urgent need of an upgrade at a time when the British pound continues to fall in value. The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) will pay around £80 million ($103 million) more for its F-35s, whic [...]
‘At all costs’: South Korean leader vows to prevent war with North
The South Korean president has vowed to avoid “losing everything” in another conflict with the North, adding that Seoul can veto US military action in the region. He also warned North Korea “to end its dangerous gamble” with missile tests. [...]
Merkel must not ‘kneel’ to Trump over armament demands – German FM
Berlin must not spend billions on militarization to appease Donald Trump, the German foreign minister said, adding that Chancellor Angela Merkel should not “kneel” to the US president. German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel attacked Chancellor Merkel in a blunt op-ed for the Rheinische Post newspaper. [...]
How Vladimir Putin Became an American ‘God’
Seeking to demonize Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Western media has apparently ended up inadvertently imbuing his image with almost godlike properties, effectively transforming the persona of a capable head of state into some kind of mythical omnipotent figure. Earlier in August Netflix released a film called Icarus [...]
‘Osama bin Laden Won’ the War on Terror, Says Ex-CIA Analyst
The perennial American lack of foresight and the chaos its Middle Eastern wars have wreaked means Osama bin Laden and forces for extremism have essentially won the war on terror, a former CIA analyst tells Radio Sputnik’s Loud and Clear program. Loud and Clear host Brian Becker was joined by John Kiriakou, a former CIA an [...]
Russian Military Likely to Give Up Using Baikonur Spaceport Soon: Here’s Why
Roscosmos and the Russian Ministry of Defense are likely to team up to facilitate the construction of the launch pad for the Angara heavy-lift carrier rockets, RIA Novosti contributor Andrei Stanavov writes, shedding light on why the Russian military is ready to give up using the Kazakhstan-based Baikonur cosmodrome. [...]
‘History Will Show It Was the US That Introduced Chemical Weapons’ to Syrian War
On Wednesday, the Syrian Foreign Ministry accused the US and the UK of supplying toxic agents to terrorists based on evidence found in Aleppo and a Damascus suburb. Sputnik Radio spoke with political scientist Dr. Kevin Barrett about the significance of this discovery and whether it could become a turning point in the Syrian con [...]
Syria Calls on UN to ‘Stop US-Led Coalition’s Crimes’ in the Country
Damascus called on the UN Security Council to "stop the US-led coalition's crimes against Syrian citizens," a statement issued by the Syrian Foreign Ministry said. Syria calls again on the UN Security Council to fulfull its obligations for the sake of peace and security, and to stop the crimes of the US-led coalition a [...]
‘Hate is a Cancer’: Apple Boss Cook Slams Trump’s Charlottesville Approach
Apple boss Tim Cook has become the latest executive to speak out against US President Donald Trump over Charlottesville violent protests. Tim Cook has criticized Donald Trump and his handling of the violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday, August 12, after a white nationalist rally turned ugly. [...]
Why Germany Leaning Toward Russia, China’s Position on N Korean Crisis
The US-South Korean military drills which are due to start next Monday may dramatically deteriorate the situation on the Korean Peninsula, RIA Novosti contributor Gevorg Mirzayan writes, adding that the country with the EU's leading economy, Germany, has openly demonstrated its discontent with US policy in the region. [...]
US Failure, Blame China
America’s chronic trade deficit with the rest of the world is testimony to a failed US economy. In reality, the US has no-one else to blame but itself for such an historic failure. But in typical chauvinist fashion, the Trump administration has found a handy scapegoat by blaming China — its top bilateral trading partne [...]
‘Putin’s Russia’ didn’t create the Ku Klux Klan
We need to have a conversation about Twitter threads. Especially examples where pseudo-'Russia experts' try to connect Moscow to every problem facing the United States (and the wider world). Because if you believe some of these clowns, before Vladimir Putin arrived on the political scene there was no Ku Klux Klan, no Nazis and n [...]

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