“Right Sector on combat alert”: Ukraine Neo-Nazis refuse to lay down arms after shootout

Ukrainian Right Sector militants, blocked in on the outskirts of Mukachevo after deadly clashes with police, are refusing to lay down their arms without their leader’s orders. Civilians in the area have been evacuated, as negotiations so far have failed. SWAT police and special units of the National Guard, as well as Ukraine’s Security Service […]

“Act of Terro”: Far right fighters clash with police in western Ukraine (VIDEO)

Militants from far right armed group “Right Sector” clashed with police in western Ukraine on Saturday. Kiev called the incident an “act of terror,” while the group said its forces would stand against the authorities across the country. Four civilians and three police officers were injured in a shoot-out in the city of Mukachevo in […]

“Impeach Poroshenko!” Massive anti-govt rally held in central Kiev

A massive march took place in the streets of Kiev to protest against the policies of the current Ukrainian government, calling for its resignation and economic reforms. According to TASS news agency, up to 3,000 people took to the streets in Kiev on Saturday to protest against lack of reform and economic instability.

Denver cops’ shooting of 17yo girl in car ruled “justified”

Two police officers who shot and killed 17-year-old Jessica Hernandez in January, were “legally justified,” Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey found. There will be no criminal charges in the case, ruled a defensive shooting. Hernandez was killed on January 26, while attempting to drive away from an alley in a green Honda Civic that was […]

‘End extreme inequality’: Thousands hit streets of Germany ahead of G7 summit

Thousands of demonstrators flocked to the streets of Germany on Thursday ahead of the G7 summit in Bavaria. The main rally took place in Munich, with participants accusing world leaders of failing to act on major global issues. The demonstrators had a long list of complaints and demands for G7 leaders, ranging from poverty reduction […]

“Iraq war vet Brown’s death in jail was murder”: US Army veteran

The death of Sergeant James Brown in a Texas jail was an outrageous “torture operation,” author and US Army veteran Rory Fanning told RT. But the odds that police officers involved get indicted are very low, unless there are massive protests, he added. A video obtained by KFOX14 has revealed aggressive force being used by […]

ISIS, Albanian extremists – US supports anyone who does what it wants

The US still supports the Kosovo project even though it has failed and brought great instability to the region making many Kosovan extremists join ISIS and come back now to destabilize nearby Macedonia, says International affairs commentator Marko Gasic. Anti-government protests are back on the streets of Macedonia’s capital, Skopje.

From Ukraine to Australia: Thousands worldwide pay tribute to Odessa massacre victims

Thousands of people in Ukraine, Russia and around the world took to the streets to mark the first anniversary of the Odessa massacre. Last year, 48 activists were killed and over 200 injured as radicals set the local trade unions house on fire. The commemoration ceremonies for those who died in the fire on May […]

Government ‘backdoors’ to bypass encryption will make them vulnerable to attacks – industry experts

At a congressional hearing on Wednesday, witnesses said creating a way to grant authorities access to encrypted communications to aid in criminal probes will inevitably by exploited by adversaries. Amid a growing reliance within the tech industry to enable

Journalists’ killings: Western media blind spot on what’s happening in Kiev

The recent killings in Ukraine are reported in Western media in a completely distorted way says investigative journalist Tony Gosling. It’s a dangerous situation that may provoke further killings and less reporting of certain points of view, he told RT. Opposition journalist Oles Buzina was killed near his home in Kiev on Thursday. Ukraine’s President […]

National Guard called Ferguson protesters “enemy forces” – report

At the height of mass protests last year in Ferguson, Missouri, the state’s National Guard referred to demonstrators as “enemy forces” and “adversaries,” according to internal documents obtained by CNN. Through Freedom of Information Act requests, the news network obtained files authored by the Missouri National Guard last year as it readied to deploy in […]

Dashcam footage from SC shooting shows Walter Scott running away from officer

South Carolina state police have released dascham footage from officer Michael Slager’s car captured moments before he shot an unarmed black man named Walter Scott. The video shows Scott running away after being pulled over. Made public Thursday by the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED), the footage does not reveal any details about […]

California moves to protect citizens’ right to record, photo police

California lawmakers took a step forward in protecting citizens who record or photograph the actions of police – but do not obstruct their duties – from reprisals by law enforcement, passing legislation out of committee.

“US is cheerleader of East-West tension”

Maintaining tension and making boldfaced accusations for decades has suited the US’ purpose to try to divide and rule in Europe and to put a split between Eastern and Western Europe, investigative journalist Tony Gosling, told RT. The murder of Russian opposition activist Boris Nemtsov provoked a vast amount of comment in the West, some […]

15 terrifying images from Kiev’s 2014 Maidan revolution

Burning tires, barricades of rubble and blood on the pavement – RT presents the most striking photos from last February’s Maidan riots in Ukraine, which turned the capital Kiev into a warzone and led to an armed coup in the country. With police carrying batons and riot shields, and protesters metal clubs and home-made protective […]



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