‘We prefer Putin’s approach’: How Russian leader’s iconic phrase went viral after Paris attacks

In the wake of Friday’s Paris attacks, French social media users have been posting and reposting a catchphrase by Vladimir Putin, who famously called for terrorists to be “wasted… in the outhouse.” Some say they like this approach better than Hollande’s “non-action” calls.

Putin wants to ax dollar from Russian trade

Russian President Vladimir Putin blasted the government for turning a blind eye on US dollar payments in the domestic oil trade. “I would like to mention one crucial issue in the development of the energy industry, and the economy as a whole. It is a question of finally stopping the use of foreign currency in […]

Putin: “Not important how I’m called, only what I do for my country”

It is important what you do for your country, not the names you are being called, Russian President Vladimir Putin told CBS’s ‘60 Minutes,’ saying that the nickname ‘tsar’ does not fit him. Charlie Rose sat down with Putin to discuss, among other issues, how the world views the Russian leader. CBS has published a […]

Putin goes to Crimea – but where’s the Western outrage?

It’s almost eighteen months since the people of Crimea voted overwhelmingly in a democratic referendum to join the Russian Federation. President Putin visited Crimea, an event that was greeted with an unexpected Western media reaction. Think back to March 2014, when the Crimean referendum took place.

Despite NATO propaganda, Russia not planning to invade Baltic States

The latest US narrative on Russia is straight from the plot of a Hollywood fantasy: US superheroes versus a Russian villain. Sadly for the Baltic States, they are being used by Uncle Sam as bait. Here’s a starter for ten question: Russia’s reunification with Crimea last year was prompted by which of the following…

Putin’s approval rating hits historic high at 89 percent

Russian independent pollster, the Levada Center, says the share of Russians who are happy with Vladimir Putin’s work as president has reached 89 percent, which is his highest-ever approval rating. The poll was conducted over the period June 19-22, with the Levada Center releasing its results on Wednesday.

“West’s foreign policy leaders – intellectual dwarfs compared to Cold War”

Western leaders seem not to have a clue about conflict resolution and confidence building and their mentality will sooner or later lead to war, says Jan Oberg director of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research. Poland is on its way to hosting NATO heavy weapons. Warsaw has confirmed it expects ongoing talks to […]

“Why Putin’s meeting with the Pope ruffled the West”

Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis are popular figures who impact people’s thoughts, and their meeting in the Vatican represented a reunification of Western and Eastern worlds, Ukrainian journalist Halyna Mokrushyna told RT’s In the Now. Why did the US ambassador to the Holy See Kenneth Hackett call on the Vatican for a tougher stance on […]

Japan: Putin,s visit to Tokyo may settle Kuril Islands dispute

Tokyo has signaled it would like Vladimir Putin to finally resolve a territorial dispute and sign a peace treaty 70 years after the end of World War II. The Kremlin said it would welcome dialogue. Moscow is willing to restart peaceful dialogue with Tokyo to finally sign a WWII peace treaty, but Russian FM Sergey […]

Russia unimpressed with NATO’s “We are the War” performance

Let’s consider for a moment what the response would be from Washington if Russia announced the start of international war games near American borders. Impossible you say? Yet that is almost exactly what the Pentagon has announced near Russia. “The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that over 350 Russian soldiers and 80 armored vehicles […]

“Kerry’s Russia visit shows US seeks to soothe relations”

Kerry’s trip to Sochi to meet FM Lavrov and President Putin demonstrates that the US is now aware that sanctions they imposed on Russia have failed and they are looking for a way out of the row, says Marcus Papadopoulos, editor of Politics First Magazine. In the past US Secretary of State John Kerry used […]

Putin: Russia can influence E.Ukraine, but it’s up to Kiev to solve crisis

Vladimir Putin placed the onus on Petro Poroshenko’s government to follow through on the Minsk agreements to resolve the Ukrainian conflict in comments made at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Moscow. “The success of the peace initiative depends on those who hold the reins of power.  

Obama’s outrageous snub to the Russian people

Barack Obama’s decision to play political games with the 70th anniversary of Victory Day was probably intended as a snub to Vladimir Putin. However, it’s actually an outrageous insult to the Russian people. I remember my first Russian May 9th very well. For the simple reason that following a rather raucous Saturday night, I plain […]

15 years in power: RT traces Vladimir Putin’s presidential path

Today marks 15 years since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s first inauguration. RT looks back at his years as president and all the important benchmarks on the way. After former Russian leader Boris Yeltsin resigned back on December 31, 1999, his Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took over the reins, inheriting a country in a dire economic […]

“My breathing mom was among corpses”: Putin recalls his parents’ WWII ordeal

Vladimir Putin has written a column (something he very rarely does), recalling the stories of his parents who survived the hardships of the Leningrad blockade, his dead brother and World War II with very personal details. ‘My dad was breathing via a reed in a swamp while the Nazis passed by, just a few steps […]



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