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Russell Brand on addiction, fatherhood, & Trump
At once brilliant and wild, Russell Brand regales Larry with stories of fatherhood, opens up about battling addiction, and offers his incisive take on politics, Donald Trump, globalization and socialism in this interview. Russell Brand talks to Alex Jones about humanity's spiritual revolution and the source of the elite's pow [...]
The Real Edgar Cayce Predictions for 2017 Revealed! Don’t be Afraid!
One of the most esteemed visionaries of all times is Edgar Cayce . Many of Edgar Cayce’s predictions have already come true, making him one of the most accurate seers of the modern era. Cayce used his gift of mediumship to give psychic readings to thousands of clients, informing them about everything from past lives to medi [...]
Deepak Chopra: AI Will Never Rival the Deep Complexity of the Human Mind
The field of artificial intelligence has been a boom market almost from its beginning 60 years ago with the brilliant but doomed British mathematician Alan Turing. One branch of AI believes that a computer will one day duplicate how the human brain works, once the technical difficulties are worked out. Turing was more clever tha [...]
Weekend Roundup: Being Is Not an Algorithm
Recently, The WorldPost published an interview with “Sapiens” author Yuval Harari in which he envisioned a future where “organisms become algorithms” as computer and biological sciences converge. In a response, Deepak Chopra writes this week that being cannot be reduced to an algorithm, nor can the mind be reduced to the [...]
80 Years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3
In the 1930's and '40's the world's most revered psychic conducted several 'World Affairs Readings' where he prophecized Russia's coming role in healing the world. Watching geo-political events unfold today is like watching a slow motion train wreck, especially if you’re informed by history and understand the connection b [...]
How Dying Can Change Your Life
Okay, I know the title is a little odd but hear me out, because what I have to say about dying only makes living all the more incredible. We have been conditioned not to think about death and dying. If we do think about it and voice our thoughts then people, our family and close friends especially, might get a little worried, [...]
Recognizing TRUTH… in 5 Steps
How do you recognize and trust what is Truth? With so much conflicting information available to us on every imaginable topic, how do you discern what is Truth, what is fabricated, or just confused half truths? Here are 5 simple steps to recognizing TRUTH. By Guest Writer Lisa Young 1. Go to the SOURCE. The easiest way is to g [...]
Russia – a game changer for global Christianity
At no time in history has the persecution of Christians been as intense and widespread as it is at the moment. There is a global war on Christians, which has escalated in scale and intensity since the US invasion of Iraq. After the deliberate destruction of nation states and government structures all over the Middle East, Isl [...]
In time of crisis, the world needs to unite for peace
Nearly one in every hundred people on Earth today has been forced to flee their home in search of safety elsewhere. The vast majority are running from entirely man-made disasters that have unfolded under the watch of an increasingly lethargic UN Security Council. According to the UN’s own High Commissioner for Refugees near [...]
“F̶̷̲̅ᴜ̶̷̲̅ᴄ̶̷̲̅ᴋ̶̷̲̅   That!” Finally, a guided meditation for the realities of the modern world (VIDEO)
Tired of the day-to-day grind we call life? Stop googling “how to battle depression” and start living by the “F̶̷̲̅ᴜ̶̷̲̅ᴄ̶̷̲̅ᴋ̶̷̲̅  That” mantra. The instructions are easily detailed in a new meditation guide – just “breathe in strength” and breathe out you-know-what. While some may spend [...]
Castro meets Pope, promises to go ‘back to praying & church’
Cuban President Raul Castro has promised to attend all Pope Francis's masses when the pontiff visits Cuba. Castro said he may even go back to praying and church if "the pope continues to talk as he does." The talks between the Cuban leader and the pontiff in Vatican were strictly private and lasted for about an hour. [...]
Blogger films how homeless man spent $100 on charity, raises over $94k in crowdfunding
A blogger gave a homeless guy $100 – and filmed an unexpected twist, as the man decided to help others with the money. The video went viral, and a crowdfunding campaign to get the homeless man back on his feet has raised over $94k and counting. The experiment began with Los Angeles-based video blogger Josh Paler Lin giving [...]
“God stronger than darkness & corruption”: Pope delivers Christmas message
Pope Francis wished courage and warmth for the world in his Christmas Eve mass homily, as God is stronger than "darkness and corruption." He also made a phone call to Iraqi refugees who fled ISIS violence, saying that they are "like Jesus" on this night. “Through the course of history, the light that shatters the darkness r [...]
All dogs go to heaven: Pope Francis says animals will enter pearly gates
Pope Francis has promised that your favorite pooch will have a spot in heaven, along with all other animals. He made the vow while comforting a little boy mourning the loss of his dog, according to media reports. During his weekly address in the Vatican's St. Peter's Square, the pope told the boy that “paradise is open to a [...]
Apocalypse, Man: Michael C. Ruppert on World’s End
"Apocalypse, Man" is an intimate portrait of a man convinced of the imminent collapse of the world, but with answers to how the human spirit can survive the impending apocalypse. Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Given his tra [...]
British comedian Russell Brand to speak in Vienna today
British actor and comedian Russell Brand is due to speak in Vienna today at a conference on international drug regulation. Brand, a former heroin addict, has spoken on previous occasions about the need to shift drug regulation away from prohibition and towards an approach with more compassion for drug users. [...]
9 Resolutions that Invest in Your Mental Wealth
Think of these 9 New Year's resolutions as contributions toward mental wealth. I know resolutions are supposed to be concrete and associated with specific goals, but today I'€™d like to present some holistic resolutions that have the potential to cause a shift in everyday mentality, habits and lifestyle choices. [...]

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