Jewish Author: Christians Face Danger in America

A New York Times bestselling author is warning that Christians are in real danger of persecution – in America.And this warning comes from a surprising source, a prominent secular Jew.

Sex lives collide when millennials move back home

In a multi generational household, things can get awkward. Someone should have warned me about how hard it is to empty a nest of millennial’s. According to the Pew Research Center, 15% of adults between the ages of 25 and 35 were living with their parents in 2016. If your adult children didn’t finish college […]

Lazarus of lager: Man pumped full of 15 cans of beer in radical, life-saving procedure

Desperate times call for desperate measures, such was the bizarre case in which a man at risk of dying from alcohol poisoning was pumped full of 15 cans of beer to save his life.

Annual Global Retirement Index 2018 | International Living

Where should I retire?” This is the question we hear most often at International Living, and every January we give you our most definitive answer in the form of our Annual Global Retirement Index.

The Best Healthcare and Healthcare Systems in the World

One of the main concerns of any person looking to retire overseas is the quality of healthcare. Is it possible to get medical treatment as good as what’s available in the U.S. and Canada? The answer…a resounding yes. Sometimes it’s even better than what’s on offer at home, and at a more affordable price too.

ALLERT! Beware New Virus: WhatsApp Gold is Here to Hack & Ruin Your Phone

Set up by scammers to trick users into thinking there is a new update for their WhatsApp, a downloadable malware has been promoted via spam messages on the mobile application. Messages warning against a fake update called ‘WhatsApp Gold’ and a video supposedly carrying a virus called “martinelli,” have resurfaced online. Users would receive a […]

Christmas colors light up a diverse Syria as peace & stability return – and the West barely noticed

Christmas celebrations have literally radiated out across Syria and western media was curiously silent in the face of such displays of unity and solidarity among Syria’s diverse peoples.

Stunning Miss Universe – Iceland 2018 Turns Out to Be Russian

The much-anticipated finals are due to take place in Thailand in mid-December, with Russia being represented by beautiful Yulia Polyachikhina from Cheboksary. The winner of the contest “Miss Universe — Iceland 2018” Katrin Lea Elenudottir, who is representing the Nordic country in the “Miss Universe” finals, was born in Russia, according to the news portal […]

St. Petersburg ranks as world’s best cultural destination … for 3rd year in a row!

Russia’s northern capital, Saint Petersburg, has been named the world’s leading cultural city destination for the third consecutive year. The award is traditionally handed out by the World Travel Awards (WTA).

Russians everywhere! Iceland’s Miss Universe has her Siberian roots revealed

She’s representing Iceland in Miss Universe 2018, but it turns out the stunning Katrin Lea Elenudottir comes from Russia’s Siberia. The fair-skinned, blue-eyed beauty emigrated at young age but retains a fondness for her roots.

The Audacity of Struggle

The madness around us is no accident. Donald Trump is not an anomaly, but he is the worst of what this nation has to offer. Intentional ignorance fuels his hatred and money fuels his bloated and undeserved ego. We live in a nation ruled by small minded and heartless men and women whose egos match […]

CDC: US Life Expectancy Declines for Third Year, Drugs and Suicide to Blame

Life expectancy in the US has fallen for the third year in a row amid increasing drug overdose and suicide deaths. It’s the longest sustained decline since World War I and the Spanish Influenza pandemic, which killed tens of millions worldwide.

‘We’ve never really seen anything like this’: US suicide rates hit 50-year peak

The US witnessed the most deaths in a single year, since official records began, in 2017, with suicide and drug overdose deaths soaring among an aging population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What is ‘The Russian Soul’?

Russian classical literature, from Gogol, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky is full of references, sometimes sardonic, sometimes extraordinary, but never banal about the Russian soul. How important is the Russian soul today, and how easy it is for foreigners to understand what this is?

Rejected asylum-seeker ‘slit throat’ of elderly German man who gave him job & shelter at his home

An Afghan migrant has been arrested in Germany for allegedly slitting the throat of an elderly man whose home he worked in. The man’s daughter, a charity worker, had suggested he hire the asylum seeker.



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