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Oliver Stone talks new film “Nuclear Now” 🎞
The Grayzone's Anya Parampil speaks with filmmaker Oliver Stone about his new film "Nuclear Now." Stone busts myths surrounding nuclear power and makes a case for reevaluating our fear of it as a source of clean energy. "Nuclear Now" is streaming in the United. [...]
TERROR ATTACK on pipeline exposed and CONFIRMED, Putin’s next move 🎞
Legendary journalist Seymour Hersh just dropped a bombshell report exposing how the U.S. carried out the terror attack against the Russian Nord Stream pipeline. The destruction sent Germany into an economic tailspin and forced them to start buying American natural gas. The Biden administration meanwhile announced their new target is China. NOTE: Starts at timeslot 34:00 📜How America [...]
Mass production of first Russian electric car to start by end of year
After pandemic-related delays, Russia’s first electric car, called the Zetta, is set to enter serial production in late 2020, the country’s Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov has revealed. The Zetta will roll off the production line in the city of Tolyatti, one of the major centers of Russia's automotive industry. The cars will first be sold on the domestic market, but the initial [...]