Provoking War

US foreign policy for dummies: ‘Do as we say, not as we do’
As Russiagate comes to totally dominate the US political landscape, the question of America’s long history of foreign meddling has surfaced like a frog’s wart. In yet another variation on the theme of ‘Russia hacking America’s brain,’ a gaggle of American pundits appeared on Tuesday on the MSNBC news program ‘Deadlin [...]
Haley uses child victims as tool v Russia – after US called civilian casualties a ‘fact of life’
Children suffering in war have become tools for the West, with Nikki Haley stating that Russia’s hands are “covered in their blood” in Syria. However, the US seems to not mind “collateral damage” in the wars it’s backing. Speaking at the UN Security Council meeting following an alleged chemical attack in Syria, the [...]
US and Allies Hold World in Terror Siege With War Threat
So, the world is counting the hours to see whether the US and its allies will launch a military strike on Syria. If this war plan goes ahead, the attack will be furious - and the repercussions grave, as Russia sternly warned this week. Indeed, we are talking about the very real danger that any US-led military action against S [...]
Russia ‘Novichok’ Hysteria Proves Politicians and Media Haven’t Learned the Lessons of Iraq
The current state of anti-Russia hysteria is reminiscent of earlier dark chapters of American history, including the rush to war in Iraq of the early 2000s and McCarthyism of the 1950s, Patrick Henningsen observes. If there’s one thing to be gleaned from the current atmosphere of anti-Russian hysteria in the West, it’s that [...]
Bolton & Pompeo: Deciphering Trump’s Neocon Shift
Trump's appointment of well-known neocons Mike Pompeo and John Bolton as the next Secretary of State and National Security Advisor respectively proves that he's decisively embraced the neoconservative faction of the "deep state". The President used to rail against people like Pompeo and Bolton, especially the latter because o [...]
Dems Kept Cheerleading Bush-Era Neocons – Now There’s One In The White House
Dems are criticizing Trump’s National Security Advisor pick, not because he’s a warmonger who was one of the original members of the Project for a New American Century, but because he’s allegedly too soft on Russia, Caitlin Johnstone explains. As so many of us have been dreading, PNAC’s favorite bloodthirsty child ki [...]
Amnesty International: Trumpeting for War… Again
One must marvel at the first few paragraphs of Amnesty International’s recent press release: “The international community’s catastrophic failure to take concrete action to protect the people of Syria has allowed parties to the conflict, most notably the Syrian government, to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity w [...]
Skripal’s Poisoning is Theresa May’s Chance to Make Her Government Great Again
A mere two weeks ago, British Prime Minister Theresa May was a very unpopular politician hated by everyone and their dog because of her disastrous Brexit negotiations. Now, she's the leader of a "nation under attack" and all her sins are forgotten. [...]
War in the Making? US, Its Allies Turn a Deaf Ear to Putin’s Warning – Analyst
The choice of former CIA director Mike Pompeo as secretary of state, America's vow to strike against the Syrian government again and UK PM Theresa May's groundless accusations against Russia this week are parts of one very disturbing trend, geopolitical analyst Phil Butler told Sputnik. [...]
Top 4 Countries Where US Was ‘Arsonist and Firefighter’
On February 27, US Army General Joseph Votel blamed Russia for “playing both arsonist and firefighter, fueling tensions among all parties in Syria… then serving as an arbitrator, to resolve disputes, attempting to undermine and weaken each party's bargaining positions." The United States has always introduced itself as a Mes [...]
Rock legend Brian May on fighting money with arts & the largest US attack on Syrian Forces (E573)
In this episode, we speak to Professor Mohammad Marandi from the University of Tehran ahead of the Iran-Turkey-Russia trilateral in Istanbul, which seeks to defeat British-backed atrocities in the Middle East. Britain’s former ambassador in Damascus on whether the US and the UK are using chemical attack allegations to justify [...]
US 2019 Budget Favors Foreign Conflicts Over Poor Americans
On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump released his “efficient, effective and accountable” budget for fiscal year 2019 and, to no surprise, social programs are on the chopping block. Aside from wanting to privatize the International Space Station and eliminate the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, Trump is also looking [...]
Koreas unite for Olympics, while Washington bangs drums of war
At a time of unprecedented goodwill between Seoul and Pyongyang over the Winter Olympics, the US has decided to double down on its inflammatory rhetoric, undermining a fragile thaw on the Korean Peninsula. On the eve of the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, one would be forgiven for temporarily forgetting history’s bitter divisi [...]
Lebanon looks to Hezbollah to resolve internal clashes, as Israel’s war threats reach fever pitch
Lebanon is a pressure cooker which could blow at any moment, but don’t worry about confused US policy. Israel’s threats to invade are not irking the Lebanese, but many wish Hezbollah would end a local Shiite-Christian spat. [...]
Do We Really Want Nuclear War with Russia?
From the Archive: With Moscow saying that U.S. proposals in its new Nuclear Posture Review to develop “tactical” nukes are “confrontational” and “anti-Russian,” we republish a 2016 article by Robert Parry. Through an endless barrage of ugly propaganda, the U.S. government and the mainstream American press have put th [...]

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