Refugee Crisis

Rejected asylum-seeker ‘slit throat’ of elderly German man who gave him job & shelter at his home

An Afghan migrant has been arrested in Germany for allegedly slitting the throat of an elderly man whose home he worked in. The man’s daughter, a charity worker, had suggested he hire the asylum seeker.

‘Women Dare Not Walk Streets’: AfD Parl’t Leader Slams Merkel’s Migration Policy

Germany adopted an “open doors” policy in 2015, when a vast migrant wave flooded Europe. The ratings of Merkel’s ruling party have since plummeted due to growing crime rates, for which some of the German chancellor’s critics blame migrants.

Majority of Adult Refugees Entered Germany Without Identity Documents – Reports

Almost 60 percent of adult refugees who arrived in Germany in the first half of 2018 did not have any identity documents, the Welt am Sonntag newspaper reported, citing the German Interior Ministry.

Austrian FPO Expects Other States to Follow Vienna Exit From UN Migration Deal

ST PETERSBURG (Sputnik) – The Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) supports the government’s decision not to sign the UN global migration pact dealing with the rights of refugees and migrants and expects other countries to follow, Roman Haider, the FPO’s foreign policy spokesman, told Sputnik.

‘We’ll consider that a firearm’: Trump says rock-throwing migrants may be shot as invaders

The US will adopt harsh, Israeli-style tactics and will treat migrants at the Mexican border as armed and dangerous invaders if they throw rocks at US law enforcement, Donald Trump has stressed amid a mass military deployment.

Illegal migrants in Europe ‘need to go home’ – Czech PM

The Czech prime minister has called for the return to their home countries of hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants currently in Europe, suggesting funds could be spent on a Marshall Plan to help improve African economies.

Mass Migration Planted ‘Bomb’ Under EU – Belgian Politician

The statement came as the EU is struggling to negotiate refugee quotas and a common European framework to share responsibility for immigrant arrivals amid the ongoing migration crisis. Mass migration to the EU has actually planted a sort of a bomb under the bloc’s architecture, and if the borders are not closed the current model will never be […]

‘We’ll close our airports!’ Salvini resists Germany’s plans to send migrants back to Italy

Rome has still not reached an agreement with Berlin on the repatriation of asylum seekers who had first registered in Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said, vowing to close airports to German flights transferring refugees. “If someone in Berlin or Brussels thinks of dumping dozens of migrants in Italy via unauthorized charter flights, they should […]

Hungary Unlikely to Abandon Tough Stance on Migration Despite EU Pressure – MP

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Hungarian government is unlikely to reverse its tough stance on migration and asylum policies, despite pressure from the European Union, though it may resort to minor concessions, Tibor Bana, the deputy chairman of Hungary’s parliamentary committee on European affairs, told Sputnik.

Germany Reports Record High Number of Dangerous Islamists on its Soil

BERLIN (Sputnik) – Germany recorded an unprecedented increase in the number of extremists from the right, left and Islamist camps in 2017, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said. “Today, there are 774 potentially dangerous Islamists [in Germany], more than ever before,” Seehofer told reporters, adding that it was necessary to boost the work in order to extradite these persons to their […]

‘Not found’: Half of ‘deported’ refugees never left Germany, report reveals

The number of unsuccessful deportations from Germany has increased by more than 200 percent, as every second deportable migrant stayed in the country by not appearing for their expulsion appointment. An internal evaluation by the federal police found that, as of the end of May, only 11,100 scheduled deportations had been successful out of a […]

Libya, migrants & karma: Europe’s new migration policy wrecks on North African reality

The EU’s new plan to create refugee camps in North Africa is unlikely to ever work, as it’s never considered the situation on the ground – something that Europe helped create when it intervened in Libya, experts warn. Years of unending migrant influx have apparently stretched both the capacity and hospitality of some European nations […]

‘No Prospects for Merkel’s Policy in Germany Anymore’ – Local Politician

Vienna has vowed not to accept any agreements which come at Austria’s expense amid a deal on migrant policy reached in neighboring Germany between Chancellor Angela Merkel and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. Cloppenburg regional parliament MP Michael Klitzing says migration is just part of a much wider, possibly irresolvable problem for Merkel.

Outrage as Swedish TV Portrays Suspected Gang Rapists as ‘Victims’

The coverage of a gang rape case, in which a woman was subjected to sexual abuse for 10 hours, has triggered a scandal in the Nordic nation, after the alleged perpetrators were portrayed as “victims” by national broadcaster SVT. A woman in the Malmö district of Lindängen was drugged and gang raped for several hours […]

Austrian FPO Party Seeks Italian Lega’s Help in Closing E Alps Migration Route

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) congratulated Italy’s Lega party on achieving great results in the election, expressing hope that both parties would succeed in closing the Brenner Pass on the Italian-Austrian border, a migrant route in the eastern Alps, Roman Haider, the FPO’s foreign policy spokesman, told Sputnik on Monday.



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