Sniff it! NHS approves research on prostate cancer-detecting dogs
Cancer-detecting dogs are to participate in a trial at a UK hospital, after showing off their amazing ability to identify the of prostate tumors – getting the right answer in 93 percent of cases, according to a recent study. The trial, a brainchild of the charity Medical Detection Dogs, has been approved by Milton Keynes Un [...]
Car falls into monster 8-meter-wide sinkhole in Crimean road, 6 dead (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Six people, including two children died after their car fell into a monster sinkhole in the middle of the highway near the Crimean capital of Simferopol. The hole appeared to be 6 meters deep and 8 meters wide. The accident happened on the highway between Simferopol and the village of Nikolaevka on Saturday night, said the Em [...]
Yellowstone supervolcano eruption would be disastrous for entire US – study
If the massive supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park erupted again, scientists believe it would blanket much of the United States in ash and potentially sever communication as well as travel between the country's coasts. According to a new study published by the US Geological Survey, cities about 300 miles away from the v [...]
Congress Lets Western States Burn, Fails to Find Funding to Combat Wildfires
Recess begins without lawmakers acting on legislation to fund firefighting efforts in Oregon, Washington and California. President Obama had requested $615 million in emergency funding to help the U.S. Forest Service and Interior Department pay for firefighting efforts, and the Democratic-controlled Senate proposed a $2.7 bil [...]
Death toll rises to 44 in worst ever Balkan flooding (PHOTOS)
The overall death toll in the unprecedented floods that have raged across the Balkans has reached 44, as more bodies were recovered from the Serbian town of Obrenovac on Sunday. [...]


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