Healthcare ate American wages

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss Trump blaming China for election interference, and the Fed warns that healthcare costs have set America on an ‘unsustainable fiscal path.’ They look at the data that shows American incomes have not been rising because more and more is being eaten up by their […]

Turkish pilot sends F-16 to over 4km altitude in seconds (VIDEO)

A cockpit-view GoPro video shot by Turkish test pilot shows an F-16 fighter jet gaining well over 4km in altitude in a matter of 45 seconds from the moment it starts rolling on the airfield, with the actual flight time to get there less than 20 seconds. The F-16 B Fighting Falcon steered by Turkish […]

Yummy and healthy? Study finds chocolate lowers risk of heart disease, strokes

A new study has found that chocolate can lower the risk of heart disease and strokes as well as reduce blood pressure and help people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, but the results are not definitive. The research published in the journal Heart Monday used a wide sample of 25,000 volunteers who ate about 15-100 […]

Over 14 million low-income older Americans are food insecure – gov’t report

Some 17 million elderly Americans are in need of government-funded meal services, but 90 percent of them don’t receive it, according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office. About 83 percent of those adults in need are food insecure. “An estimated 90 percent of low-income older adults do not receive meals services like […]

TTIP will legalize cancer-causing chemicals banned by EU, trade union warns

Britain could be flooded with harmful chemicals currently banned in the European Union if the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal is signed next week, a trade union has warned. The GMB said chemicals that can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects and development disorders will be allowed in the EU after the controversial trade […]

Sham cancer charities bilked donors for $187 mil, spent money on luxury – gov’t

Government regulators have cracked down on four cancer charities, accusing the Cancer Fund of America, Cancer Support Services, the Children’s Cancer Fund of America, and the Breast Cancer Society of cheating donors out of $187 million.

Nearly 200 scientists warn of cellphone health risks

Biological and health scientists from Russia and Iran to the USA are calling on the UN, the World Health Organization and national governments to develop strict regulations concerning devices and cellphones that create electromagnetic fields. The scientists are from 39 nations and have authored 2,000 peer-reviewed papers on the health and biological effects of non-ionizing […]

Berkeley to vote on “right to know” law on cellphone radiation risks

The city council of Berkeley, California, will vote on a cellphone ‘right to know’ law on Tuesday, which would require phone retailers to include a notice informing customers of the recommended distance a phone should be kept away from the body. The proposed language includes the following warning: “If you carry or use your phone […]

White House psychologist implicated in CIA torture now helping FBI

Before the dust has had a chance to settle on the report detailing the American Psychologists Association’s complicity in the CIA torture program, the psychologist found to have violated the ethics code now appears to be helping the FBI do the same thing. In late April, a 60-page report entitled ‘All the President’s Psychologists’ pointed […]

US ‘worst place to be a mother’ among developed nations – report

America is the worst developed country in the world to be a mother, ranking 61st globally in maternal health, a groundbreaking analysis of global health inequalities has found. A woman in the United States is more than 10 times as likely as a woman in Austria, Belarus or Poland to die from a pregnancy-related cause, […]

Chicken cull: 5.3mn hens to be slaughtered as huge bird flu outbreak reported in Iowa

More than 5 million hens will be euthanized at an Iowa egg-laying facility after the majority of them were found to be contaminated with a lethal strain of avian influenza, or bird flu. It is the worst outbreak yet to be recorded in the US. This is the second time a bird flu epidemic has […]

Cancer cure? Scientists discover “unknown” immunity boosting protein molecule

A “game changer” protein that promotes the body’s immunity to cancer has been discovered by scientists, offering fresh hope the often deadly disease will be conquered in years to come. Researchers at Imperial College London discovered a “completely unknown” molecule, proven to improve the body’s immune system to fight off chronic illnesses.

UK child abuse: It’s not the evidence, but who you are that matters

The decision by the Crown Prosecution Service not to bring charges against the wealthy peer and establishment insider Lord Greville Janner in connection with allegations of child abuse has been met with outrage among the general public and police. Janner, now 86, has been investigated by the police four times in the last 25 years. […]

Dogs really do love us: Study finds first evidence of inter-species hormone exchange

Dog lovers everywhere, rejoice! They really do love us on a chemical level. Dogs were found to make use of the “lovers’ hormone,” Oxytocin, to sneak their way into our hearts. That’s the first time the mechanism was observed between species. We know it as the love hormone: it spikes when we hug, kiss and […]

Majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana – polls

Results from two new polls found the majority of Americans support making cannabis legal, with the large majority of young adults crossing party lines and states to support the idea. Nationally, 53 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.



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