Forget the oil prices, the whole US dollar bubble is deflating – Peter Schiff 🎞️

The drop in oil prices is likely to be short-lived, veteran stock broker Peter Schiff told RT, since the deflation of the whole US debt bubble and crash of the dollar will make the prices of oil and other commodities bounce up. Decline in demand for oil due to the coronavirus epidemic, further reinforced by […]

US oil market crashes to NEGATIVE in historic plummet

West Texas Intermediate oil prices have gone negative in a record low for the US benchmark, as the market continues to crater amid the general economic collapse. Vanishing demand and a glut of supply have combined to heavily impact the US benchmark fuel, with prices dropping from $18.27 to close at -$37.63 a barrel on […]

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For 40 years I watched ‘rampant fraud’ on Wall Street destroy capitalism, Covid-19 nailed its coffin shut

The Covid-19 market turmoil set off a chain of flashbacks in my mind, from crisis to crisis over the past 40 years. They all fit together in a picture of Wall Street fraud and criminal policies, with the virus as the last straw. Last week, I spoke with a young stock trader currently working on […]

Here are the six countries that will be most affected by coronavirus-induced economic chaos

Time to buckle up: economists believe the looming Covid-19 crash will throw millions out of work and bankrupt thousands of businesses across the globe in a downturn that might even surpass the Great Depression of the 1930s. Economics is the study of choices, and never more so than now. It’s now clear that, with the […]

‘Too Low, Too Late’: US Treasury’s Proposed Payouts Won’t Stem Economic Downturn

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced that the Trump administration may send checks to Americans “in the next two weeks” to fight the economic fallout of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. Though the amount is unknown, an economics expert tells Sputnik that the government has already failed on the matter. “We’re looking at sending checks to […]

Fed brought out the big guns to save market but it wasn’t enough, ex-insider tells Boom Bust 🎞️

An emergency response from the US Federal Reserve failed to calm investors amid the coronavirus panic and led to another market bloodbath. However, it didn’t have any other options, a former Fed insider believes. If the Fed had been silent then we might have even seen more disruption,” Danielle DiMartino Booth said in an interview […]

White House promises big bucks to airlines…and Americans will get a check too

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has promised immediate financial relief “within the next two weeks” to Americans hit hard by the coronavirus recession – plus a massive financial aid package for the airline industry. The Trump administration will be sending a check to Americans within the next two weeks for an undetermined amount, Mnuchin announced […]

With economy imploding, US losing its superpower status to make room for Russia and China, says Max Keiser

The global markets’ current implosion was 100 percent guaranteed, former Wall Street stockbroker Max Keiser told RT. According to him, the financial markets are best described as a “quadrillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.” “Central banks’ policy of allowing governments and corporations to borrow, at virtually no cost, against decades of future consumption to consume now, hollowed out […]

‘This is the beginning of the greatest financial crisis in US history’: Peter Schiff makes dire predictions to Boom Bust  🎞️

After suffering the worst stock market crash since 1987, the US Federal Reserve has announced a $1.5 trillion injection to ease strained capital markets. It is the biggest action by the Fed since the 2008 financial crisis. RT’s Boom Bust is joined by the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff to find out if […]

IMF Chief Warns Global Economy May Well Slide Into Another Great Depression

The international financial watchdog earlier estimated the recent trade rows had already cost the world economy about $700 billion or an 0.8 percent slump in global GDP, outlining the data in a soon-to-be-published annual report by the IMF.

Half of US Business Economists Say Recession Coming by 2020

A decade after the Great Recession in the US, approximately half of the economists at the National Association for Business Economists say that the next economic contraction will begin by the time US voters go back to the polls to decide whether they’ll keep US President Donald Trump in office.