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GOP’s Planned Cuts to Medicaid Will Impoverish and Imperil Millions of Aging Baby Boomers and Seniors

One-fifth of Medicare recipients are covered through Medicaid, including nursing homes and long-term care. The House Republican leadership’s Obamacare repeal bill will not only cause upwards of 24 million people to lose their health care coverage over the next decade, as the Congressional Budget Office has said, but it will also push millions of seniors […]

Russia Delivers More Than 6 Tonnes of Aid to Syrian Residents

Russia has delivered over 6 tonnes of humanitarian aid to residents of the Syrian city of Aleppo and Damascus province. Russian servicemen have delivered over 6 tonnes (metric tons) of humanitarian aid to residents of the Syrian city of Aleppo and Damascus province, the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation informs in its daily bulletin.

Bulgaria to stage military drills near Macedonian border amid worsening refugee crisis

Bulgaria will stage military drills near the Macedonian border as a “preventative” measure, the nation’s defense ministry says. It comes as the country’s neighbors face an influx of migrants trying to make their way to the EU’s borderless Schengen zone. “The situation in the neighboring states of Macedonia, Greece and Serbia is quite complicated and […]

West turning Mediterranean into mass grave

The drowning of hundreds of refugees in the Mediterranean is a crime against humanity, the ultimate responsibility lies with Western governments that have proved themselves the enemy of everything good in the world and a friend to everything bad. Not only does the West destroy countries, such as Libya, it allows those trying to flee […]

“Nobody will help us evacuate:” Americans urge Washington to help flee Yemen war

As the Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen continue and the fighting on the ground intensifies, US citizens stuck in Yemen have lashed out at Washington for ignoring their pleas for help as they try to leave the war-torn country. Aerial bombardment and street battles have become a daily reality for people in Yemen. “We hear a […]

Panic in Ukraine Over Food, Empty Stores and Protests; Strategic Food Reserve Empty

A curious thing happened today. To quiet protests over food, president Petro Poroshenko ordered the minister of the food reserve to fill the shelves of stores with flour, sugar, canned meat, and buckwheat from the reserve. Well guess what? There was no food in the reserve. It has either been looted (like the vanishing gold), […]

Blogger films how homeless man spent $100 on charity, raises over $94k in crowdfunding

A blogger gave a homeless guy $100 – and filmed an unexpected twist, as the man decided to help others with the money. The video went viral, and a crowdfunding campaign to get the homeless man back on his feet has raised over $94k and counting. The experiment began with Los Angeles-based video blogger Josh […]

Six released Guantanamo detainees “happy to be” in Uruguay

Six former US detainees, who have never been charged, are beginning their new life as refugees in Uruguay. They arrived on Sunday and have given their first comments to the press to say they are happy to be there. The six include four Syrians, a Palestinian and a Tunisian. Although they were cleared for release […]

E.Ukraine’s Lugansk to start distributing Russian aid Monday, trucks return home

The last truck from Russia’s second humanitarian aid convoy to the Eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk has returned home after delivering its cargo. All vehicles had reached the Ukrainian-Russian border without incidents and the last of them crossed the border in the direction of Russia at around 6:30 pm local time (2:30 pm GMT).

Russia’s 2nd Ukraine aid convoy of 200 trucks arrives in Lugansk

All 200 trucks in Russia’s 2nd convoy carrying humanitarian aid for devastated areas of eastern Ukraine have arrived in the city of Lugansk after weeks of delays that occurred despite an agreement on relief corridors in the Minsk ceasefire deal. Six of the nine trucks carrying medicines have been unloaded, RIA Novosti reports.

Russian humanitarian aid distribution begins in E. Ukraine

With heavy fighting underway in south-eastern Ukraine, the distribution of humanitarian aid from Russia has started in the city of Lugansk, which is besieged by the Kiev forces. The first 12 points distributing food have already begun working. The minimum offering includes rice, buckwheat and sugar, three canned meats, a packet of tea and 10 […]

Lavrov: Russia to send another humanitarian convoy to Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced plans for a second humanitarian convoy to be sent to eastern Ukraine, urging foreign actors and agencies to participate in continuing efforts at relieving the crisis. Failure to do so would constitute a violation of international law, he warned.

Trucks with Russian aid reach Lugansk, E. Ukraine

Moscow has accused Kiev of placing political interests above humanism, adding that it is confident it made the right decision to order a convoy with Russian humanitarian aid to proceed to the conflict zone without waiting for further Ukrainian permission. The Russian aid convoy on Friday finally reached Lugansk in eastern Ukraine, which has been […]

Russian aid can enter with Red Cross: Ukraine

MOSCOW: With a theatrical flourish, Russia on Tuesday dispatched hundreds of trucks covered in white tarps and sprinkled with holy water on a mission to deliver aid to a desperate rebel-held zone in eastern Ukraine. The televised sight of the miles-long convoy sparked a show of indignation from the government in Kiev, which insisted any […]



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