BRICS+ has begun dominating the global economy ALREADY | US in trouble? 🎞
The world's growing eastward shift of economic dominance was one of the most obvious themes in 2022. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization's continual strengthening originally helped to achieve a lot of this migration (or SCO). 2023 appears to be the year that the BRICS bloc will have the greatest influence on the world's economic and geopolitical landscape. This is because the BRICS group of fiv [...]
43 American Presidents Ranked In Order Of Their IQs
Just how smart do you have to be to win an American presidential election? Well, it helps if you have some brains to work with, as all of these 43 presidents have exceptionally high IQs – well over the U.S. average of 98. We know this because professor Dean Simonton, a psychologist from the University of California, Davis, totted up the evidence and used biographical information to make his info [...]
American Public Troubled by ‘Deep State’
Although most Americans are unfamiliar with the term ‘Deep State,’ according to recent polling they are nevertheless skeptical of unelected government and military officials who secretly manipulate or direct national policy, John V. Walsh reports. “Public Troubled by Deep State” is the headline that the Monmouth University Polling Institute tags to its recent poll.  Acknowledging that [...]