Civil War

Russian military defies constant shelling to build bridge across Euphrates in Syria (VIDEO)
Russian military personnel have built a bridge across the Euphrates River, not far from the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, in less than 48 hours despite coming under constant shelling, a Ministry of Defense official said. [...]
‘Kiev is afraid to hear truth’ – ex-Crimean prosecutor ready to testify against Ukrainian offiсials
Russian MP and former chief prosecutor of Crimea, Natalya Poklonskaya, has said she is ready to testify in court on the events of 2013-2014 in Ukraine, which she called “the assassination” of the country by its current leaders. Poklonskaya was commenting in Moscow on the ruling of a Kiev court that allowed Ukrainian prosecut [...]
IMF Postpones Third Review of Ukrainian Loan Program – Finance Ministry
The executive board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has delayed the third review of its loan program to Ukraine, the Ukrainian Finance Ministry said Sunday. Earlier in March, IMF Communications Department Director Gerry Rice said the fund's directors planned to meet on March 20 to make the final decision on providing [...]
Russian investigators launch probe into civilian deaths from fresh Ukrainian shelling
Russia’s top federal investigative agency has begun a criminal case into the deaths of civilians in Donetsk that were reportedly the result of shelling by Ukrainian government forces on February 1-3. According to Investigative Committee acting chief spokesman Svetlana Petrenko, a criminal case has been launched into the use [...]
Merkel Voices Concern Over Situation on Contact Line in Donbass
German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that the situation on the contact line in eastern Ukraine is causing concern. The security situation on the line of contact in eastern Ukraine is causing concern and the work on the Ukrainian settlement should continue, including within the 'Normandy Four' format, German Chancellor Angel [...]
‘Losing Their Nerve’: What is Behind New Escalation of Donbass Conflict
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has cut short a working visit to Germany following an unprecedented escalation of the conflict in Donbass where Ukrainian forces have violated the fragile ceasefire almost 2,000 times over the past 24 hours alone. Briefing reporters ahead of her meeting with Poroshenko, German Chancellor [...]
Ukrainian Lawmaker Calls Out Poroshenko for Blowing Pre-Election Peace Promises
This week, the situation in southeastern Ukraine took a turn for the worse, with clashes intensifying between Kiev forces and Donetsk People's Republic militia. Concerned by the situation, Opposition Bloc Rada lawmaker Vadim Novinsky reminded President Petro Poroshenko of his 2014 election campaign pledge to end the war in the D [...]
Kiev admits advancing on rebels in east Ukrainian town ‘meter by meter’
Ukraine’s deputy defense minister says its troops are slowly advancing on rebel positions. He claims, however, that the steps were provoked by actions from anti-Kiev forces. “As of today, despite everything, meter by meter, step by step, whenever possible our boys have been advancing,” Igor Pavlovsky told the Ukrainian [...]
Ukrainian MP Demands Kiev Provide Evidence of Russian Troops in Country’s East
For over two years, Ukrainian authorities have been making claims of a Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine involving thousands of regular troops. Now, a sensible voice in Ukraine's own parliament is asking authorities to provide evidence for the oft-repeated claims. [...]
French TV Repeats the Maidan Documentary That Kiev Doesn’t Want You to See
The French TV channel Canal+ has announced that it will broadcast a documentary on the 2014 Maidan events in Ukraine once again on February 8. Due to popular demand, Canal+ is going to rerun the documentary "Les Masques de la Revolution" (The Masks of Revolution) about the 2014 Maidan events in Ukraine. Ukraine [...]
Stuck in Corruption: Kiev Government ‘Unlikely to Survive This Year’
A lot of Ukrainian citizens understand that the worst for their country is yet to come. The current government which is on the brink of collapse will not be able to reform the country's "rotten system", Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote. It is unlikely that Ukraine will be able to come out from the current crisis. The gove [...]
Suffering too real in Syria, E. Ukraine, you learn to value compassion – RT’s Roman Kosarev
RT reporter Roman Kosarev, who was recently caught in shelling in Syria, says the atrocities he has seen at hotspots such as Syria and Eastern Ukraine have at times rendered him speechless, but this is also where unprecedented compassion can be found. We live in scary times. War, death, destruction, tears, hunger, refugees, i [...]
The Middle East in the Wake of Paris: The Era of Regime Change is Over
Given the recent attacks in Paris and the ongoing chaos in Libya and Iraq, Western leaders who continue to pursue their post-9/11 war on terror should realize that they have failed to “remake the world in their own image” and any attempt to topple a regime in the Middle East will wind up giving power to “hard-line Islamist [...]
‘West crying for refugees with one eye, aiming gun with the other’ – Assad (FULL INTERVIEW)
In a rare interview with Russian media outlets, RT among them, Syrian leader Bashar Assad spoke about global and domestic terrorism threats, the need for a united front against jihadism, Western propaganda about the refugee crisis and ways to bring peace to his war-torn nation. [...]
Obama says he was ‘skeptical’ of Syria rebel boondoggle from the start
The failed $500 million program to set up a proxy army in Syria was a test, US President Barack Obama told ’60 Minutes’, adding that he had doubts about the project from the start. He also ruled out sending US troops to Syria. “I've been skeptical from the get-go about the notion that we were going to effectively create [...]
70th UN General Assembly aims to “end catastrophic wars & explosive refugee crises”
Sustainable development, global security and efforts to diffuse ongoing conflicts, many of which have resulted in explosive global refugee crises, top the agenda of the 70th anniversary UN General Assembly session that has begun its work in New York. The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) speech marathon will see more tha [...]
UN envoy to Syria tells world to listen to Russia to end civil war
The UN special peace envoy to Syria has urged the international community to take advice from Russia to resolve the four-year-long civil war that has claimed 210,000 lives and left 1.5 million Syrians with injuries and disabilities. “Russia has influence on Damascus, and it’s very important that they get involved," Staffa [...]

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