Playing politics with vaccines, like the US pressuring Brazil not to use Sputnik V, made the world more unstable and cost lives

Once again, the world has failed to unite when faced with a common threat. The response to the Covid-19 pandemic proves that much of the West, especially the US, is committed to bloc politics, no matter the real-world human cost. It was revealed in the annual report of the US Department of Health and Human […]

Brazil’s Telecom Giants Refuse to Discuss 5G Rollout With White House Official, Report Says

Washington’s crackdown on Huawei has been in place since May 2019, when the US Department of Commerce blacklisted the Chinese tech giant, accusing the company of cooperating with China’s intelligence services, allegations that both Beijing and the firm vehemently reject. Several top Brazilian telecom companies have rejected an American Embassy invitation to meet a US […]