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Final JFK Assassination Files to be Released on Thursday
Twenty-nine years after the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 was passed, requiring the government to disclose all US government records related to the Kennedy assassination within 25 years. The final deadline is October 26, 2017. [...]
Trump’s Insults Reportedly Stifle Chances of Negotiating with North Korea
As a result of US President Donald Trump’s belittling attacks on “Rocket Man” Kim Jong-un, Pyongyang is refusing to hold discussions with the US. "Multiple US government and congressional officials" told NBC that they have been warned by Joseph Yun, US envoy to North Korea, that Trump's insults won't help them bring Nort [...]
America’s War Addiction
The US has a serious addiction problem. George W Bush previously warned about its “addiction to oil”. Current President Trump this week declared the nation’s addiction to opiate drugs an “emergency”. While his predecessor Barack Obama’s calls for firearms controls following numerous mass shootings fueled concerns of [...]
Sen. Corker Slams ‘Utterly Untruthful President’, Trump Fires Back
In a second heated row this month, Donald Trump and outgoing Republican Senator Bob Corker have traded accusations. The war of words has sparked just hours ahead of a critically important meeting on taxes. [...]
Russia to Withdraw From NATO Act If US Keeps Boosting Presence in Europe – MP
The Russia-NATO collaboration could be in jeopardy over the US' recent moves to enhance its military presence in Europe. "The United States is doing everything to push Russia to withdraw from the agreement. [...]
Looming Nuke Alert a ‘Major Escalation of US Nuclear War Readiness’
Reports that the US is preparing to put B-52 nuclear bombers on 24-hour alert are nothing short of a “major escalation of US nuclear war readiness,” Kevin Kamps, radioactive waste watchdog at Beyond Nuclear said on Monday’s episode of Loud & Clear. [...]
Mexican Interjet Wants Joint Venture With Russia to Produce SSJ100 Spare Parts
The second largest operator of Russia's SSJ100 airliners expressed hope for joint venture with the plane's manufacturer after signing a document on further development of cooperation between the two companies. [...]
Putin Reveals What Future Technology Will Be ‘More Terrible Than a Nuclear Bomb’
Speaking to participants of the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed the future technology he believes can prove to be more terrible than nuclear weapons. [...]
Russian MoD: West Wants to Cover Tracks of ‘Barbaric’ Bombings in Raqqa
The Russian Defense Ministry "has questions" about the sudden move of the anti-Daesh coalition to help civilians in Raqqa. "[The only explanation of this] is an aspiration to quickly cover up the tracks of the barbaric bombings of the United States and the coalition's aircraft that have buried thousands of civilians liberated fr [...]
Worst stock market crash ever is coming – Max Keiser on Black Monday’s 30th anniversary
30 years after the 1987 Black Monday stock market crash, stocks are trading at all-time highs. Max Keiser warns biggest ever market crash is coming. Thirty years ago Wall Street slid into the abyss, suffering the biggest one-day market fall of over 22 percent. Since then the Dow Jones has risen from 1,738 points to an all-time h [...]
EXCLUSIVE: Veteran CIA Analyst on Trump’s Battle With US ‘Deep State’
The US intelligence services enjoy three times more funding than they received before 9/11 and wield a great amount of power over the US President; if Trump were to challenge the CIA, NSA or other elements of the "deep state" it would be an unprecedented move, former US intelligence analyst Ray McGovern told Sputnik. [...]
Hand in Hand With Uncle Sam: Which EU Member States Will Never Forgive Poland?
Poland may lose its last EU ally over its unwillingness to vocally protest against the Ukrainian discriminatory education law, Polish independent commentator Janusz Niedzwiecki told Sputnik, adding that Warsaw is bowing to Washington's will. Meanwhile, Brussels is running out of patience over Kiev's failure to implement the Mins [...]
Comey Could Be Disbarred for Lying to Congress, Potential Evidence Destruction
A crusading legal expert has filed a bar grievance against former FBI Director James Comey, claiming he lied to Congress and destroyed evidence in investigations into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The action could mean Comey loses his law license - and is opened up for criminal prosecution. [...]
Moscow Has ‘Best Option’ to Retaliate to US Dragging Its THAAD Closer to Russia
Moscow has perfect counter-measures in response to US plans to install THAAD air defense systems closer to the Russian territory in South Korea on the pretext of Pyongyang's threat, a military expert told Sputnik, naming the Iskander and Kalibr missiles. [...]
Trump’s Top Defense, Political Advisers Oppose Scrapping Iran Nuclear Deal
As the situation around the decision of the US President on the Iran nuclear deal gains momentum, University of Minnesota Professor of Anthropology and Middle East historian William Beema and Center for Peace & Democracy Director Ivan Eland told Sputnik in an interview what could be behind Trump's steps, and their possible c [...]
Death of the Dollar ~ Winter Is Here – Truth Never Told [Video]
Schiff/Trotsky funded AntiFA-like protests and false flags in Russia exactly like what is now happening in the west before they murdered the Czar. Same thing in France before the French Revolution. You don’t need to be a genius to see this new Bolshevik revolution in all the White European Christian established nations toda [...]
Washington ‘Using Ukraine as Trojan Horse Against Russia in Eurasia’
Czech political analyst and activist Jan Miklas, recently back from a trip to Crimea, gives his take on the planned 'Crimean march' planned by Ukrainian nationalists, and on Washington's efforts to use Kiev as a pawn in its geopolitical confrontation with Russia. [...]

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