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US senators draft bill to stop transfer of F-35 jets to Turkey unless it ditches S-400 deal

US senators have proposed a bipartisan bill to make good on Washington’s blackmail of Turkey – by halting the agreed transfer of 100 F-35 jets until Ankara tears up its deal with Moscow to buy S-400 air defense complexes.

US says it won’t rule out nuclear first strike, because allies wouldn’t trust it otherwise

A Pentagon official has said that the US will retain the right to carry out a nuclear strike in response to a conventional attack. A ‘no-first-use’ policy would erode US allies’ belief that they are protected, he said.

Running country like a business: Trump calls Venezuela ‘company,’ but is it a Freudian slip?

Donald Trump seems to be taking the “running the country as a business” shtick pretty seriously. Why else would he refer to Venezuela, a country his administration targeted for its latest regime change op, as a “company”?

‘F-35 is Not Ready to Fly’, US Defence Companies ‘Buy Politicians’ – Journalist

The US Department of Defence recently opened an investigation about reports that acting Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan has been favouring Boeing, where he worked for more than three decades, at the expense of competitors.

Road to next war begins in Golan

When Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austro-Hungary, took a wrong turning in Sarajevo in 1914 the world found itself on the road to WW1. With Donald Trump’s self-serving recognition of Israel’s illegal annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights, a similar wrong turn has been taken, and it has paved the way […]

Russia must get out of Venezuela, all options open – Trump

US President Donald Trump has warned that Russia must get out of Venezuela. Two planeloads of Russian troops are currently in the Latin American country under the terms of a 2001 cooperation treaty.

Deal of the Century, minus one: Is Trump’s peace plan for the Middle East the deletion of Palestine?

It has become clear that US President Donald Trump, despite his vaunted prowess as the Dealmaker-in-Chief, isn’t interested in brokering peace between Israel and Palestine. His Middle East peace has no room for Palestine at all.

Italian embrace of China’s new Silk Road meets abrasive transatlantic double standards

Italy’s endorsement of China’s global integration model – the Belt and Road Initiative – has caused ructions in the transatlantic alliance and also between members of the European Union delineating the bloc’s North-South divide.

Trump’s Golan Move Could ‘Lead to NATO’s Collapse’ in the Long Run, PhD Claims

This week, President Trump announced that the time had come for the US to recognise Tel Aviv’s claim to the Golan Heights following over 50 years of illegal occupation of the Syrian region by Israel following the 1967 Six Day War. Sputnik spoke with American writer Dr. E. Michael Jones to get a sense of […]

Trump’s Trade War Against Europe Will Become an Unmitigated Disaster

Almost any economist will tell you that fighting several trade wars simultaneously is a bad idea. Any diplomat will tell you that alienating your closest ally is ill-advised. However, the trade hawks in Washington seem to think they can bully both Europe and China at the same time.

Russia on military planes in Venezuela: Our specialists are there based on cooperation treaty

Russian specialists are in Venezuela as part of the 2001 military-technical cooperation deal with Caracas that doesn’t need further approval, Moscow said after reports of the arrival of two military planes with troops and cargo.

China signs multibillion-dollar deal with Airbus in another big blow to Boeing

China will buy a total of 300 passenger jets from European aircraft maker Airbus as its US rival Boeing struggles in the aftermath of two deadly crashes involving its 737 MAX.

Trump’s Golan gift to Israel condemned by UN, Gulf & European allies

Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Israel’s annexation of the Syrian Golan has been met with condemnation by the international community, with the UN and Washington’s Gulf and European allies slamming the move.

Italy joining China’s Silk Road shows EU maximizes its own interests over US wishes – former FM

Italy’s desire to build trade ties with China isn’t a move against the US, but an effort to “maximise” its own interests, Italy’s former Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told RT, ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Rome visit.

Jewish Author: Christians Face Danger in America

A New York Times bestselling author is warning that Christians are in real danger of persecution – in America.And this warning comes from a surprising source, a prominent secular Jew.



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