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When Size Matters: China to Open World’s Longest Bridge (PHOTOS)
The grandiose construction of the century has been completed; the world’s longest sea bridge connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau will be opened this year. The chief engineer and the inspiration behind the project, 43-year-old Zhang Jinwen told Sputnik about how they started designing the bridge 18 years ago, the difficultie [...]
Russia & China to merge satellite tracking systems into one global navigation giant
Moscow and Beijing will team up to create an integrated navigation system based on Russia’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) and the Chinese BeiDou. The satellite system will cover most of Eurasia. The countries will reportedly negotiate the merger in May at the International Conference on Advanced Technologies in [...]
Tesla just months from total collapse, says hedge fund manager
The American electric-car company Tesla will be bankrupt within four months unless its CEO Elon Musk “pulls a rabbit out of his hat,” according to hedge fund manager John Thompson. “Companies eventually have to make a profit, and I don’t ever see that happening here,” the head of Vilas Capital Management told Market W [...]
‘New Guidelines of Activity’: Russia’s Kalashnikov Aims at Outer Space – Report
Russia's Kalashnikov Concern, which is known throughout the world for its production of reliable AK assault rifles, has reportedly decided to foray into fresh fields. The Russian defense manufacturing concern Kalashnikov has agreed with State Corporation Rostec to acquire 60 percent of the shares of the Molniya research an [...]
Japan unveils new ‘Supreme’ bullet train
A new high-speed bullet train has been rolled out by the Central Japan Railway (JR Tokai). It will debut in 2020 on the Tokaido Shinkansen line, running between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka. According to JR Tokai, the new Shinkansen N700S or Shinkansen ‘Supreme’ train will be smarter, sleeker and quieter. [...]
Russia ready to be cut off from internet with its own web
If Western sanctions go as far as excluding Russia from the world wide web, the country's own internet is ready, according to the Russian presidential aide on the internet, German Klimenko. "Technically, we are ready for anything now,” he told NTV news channel. However, the shutdown will not be painless, Klimenko added. [...]
‘That’d Make Sense’: Porsche Eyes Flying Taxi
German car maker Porsche continues to impress and is mulling a new way to create a vehicle which would be able to easily navigate around any potential gridlock on city highways. In an interview with the German magazine Automobilwoche, Porsche sales chief Detlev von Platen said that it did not rule out the creation of a flying [...]
Military Expert: Russia’s Avangard Missile Renders US Missile Defense Useless
The newest Russian missile, “Avangard,” which can travel at speeds up to Mach 20, makes US defenses totally useless because US counter-missiles can only travel at Mach 5, says one military expert. According to Alexey Leonkov, a former employee of the 30 Central Research Institute of Russia's Aerospace Force, the newest hyper [...]
Move Over Musk: Russia Working On Own, 100-Use, Environmentally Friendly Rocket
According to designers, unlike Space X's Falcon 9, the KORONA is not just a rocket, but a spacecraft, capable of takeoff and landing, with its development effectively opening the path to interplanetary flights with crew onboard. [...]
Putin Reveals What Future Technology Will Be ‘More Terrible Than a Nuclear Bomb’
Speaking to participants of the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed the future technology he believes can prove to be more terrible than nuclear weapons. [...]
Need for Speed: China Revives World’s Fastest Bullet Trains
China raised the maximum speed of its popular Beijing-Shanghai bullet trains up to 350 kph Tuesday, following years of restrictions amid safety concerns. China's Fuxings have once again become the world's fastest trains with the journey between Beijing and Shanghai being reduced from 5 hours and 45 minutes to 4 hours and 28 [...]
Supervolcanoes Could Herald a ‘Gold Rush’ for Lithium to Power Electric Cars
Scientists at Stanford University in California say they have found lithium – which can be used for batteries – in supervolcanoes. The lead author of the report, Tom Benson, said the discovery could be great news for "clean, green energy." [...]
Russian Military Likely to Give Up Using Baikonur Spaceport Soon: Here’s Why
Roscosmos and the Russian Ministry of Defense are likely to team up to facilitate the construction of the launch pad for the Angara heavy-lift carrier rockets, RIA Novosti contributor Andrei Stanavov writes, shedding light on why the Russian military is ready to give up using the Kazakhstan-based Baikonur cosmodrome. [...]
Stephen Hawking Fears He’s More Welcome in Space Than Trump’s America
Stephen Hawking says he fears he "may not be welcome" in the United States during the Trump administration's time in the Oval Office, due to their contradicting beliefs on climate change. Speaking on ITV's Good Morning Britain with television host Piers Morgan on Monday, March 20, the eminent physicist expressed his concer [...]
Speed for the Masses: Startup Raises $33M to Test Commercial Supersonic Aircraft
Boom Technology has raised $33 million to build and fly its first prototype. The company hopes to eventually build an aircraft that can travel from New York to London in three hours and fifteen minutes, less than half the time it would take on a conventional aircraft – and at a price that may surprise you! [...]

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