Obama tried to close a big pollution loophole. Trump wants to keep it.
The EPA is using a shady study to carve out a massive pollution exemption for dirty glider trucks. The Environmental Protection Agency is trying to protect a loophole that allows vastly more pollution than is typically permitted from heavy-duty commercial vehicles — all in the name of helping out a Trump supporter. [...]
Nord Stream 2 to Squeeze Poland Out of European Gas Market
Germany has allowed Russia’s Gazprom to build and operate the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the country’s territorial waters. The decision comes as bad news for Poland, which fears Nord Stream 2 would will increase Europe’s dependence on imported Russian gas. [...]
Leaked Trump Infrastructure Plan Ripped as Thinly-Veiled ‘Assault on the Environment’
"The memo reveals an infrastructure plan that is essentially a giveaway to corporations at the expense of the American people and our environment." Green groups reacted with alarm on Friday to a leaked Trump administration infrastructure draft that proposes a drastic rollback of environmental regulations in an attempt to expedit [...]
The Dangerous Erosion of U.S. Leadership
Despite Donald Trump’s speech to the World Economic Forum in which he attempted to reassure global leaders on his “America First” ideology, the damage to U.S. credibility may already be done, as Alon Ben-Meir explains. Just one year after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, the U.S. [...]
Solar Import Tariff: Pain Without Benefit
The new 30% import tariff just imposed on imported solar panels and solar cells is a protective tariff without benefit. It will not revive the declining U.S. silicon solar cell industry. It will harm U.S. workers in factories manufacturing solar panels using imported solar cells. It will hurt the rapidly expanding ind [...]
Chocolate Bunnies, Slave Labor, and Water Theft: The Horrible Nestle Story
Recently it was discovered that the Nestle corporation had been abusing their water permits in California, essentially stealing millions of gallons of water to bottle and sell to consumers in one of the most drought-ravaged states in the country. But Nestle’s disgusting story goes far beyond water stealing. Attorneys Mike Papa [...]
Chinese State Media Says US Government Shutdown Lays Bare ‘Chronic Flaws’
On Saturday, the US federal government shut down due to a lack of funding after Democrats in the Senate prevented Republicans from passing the spending bill. The US government shutdown raises questions about the viability and legitimacy of America’s political system, Chinese state media has reported. [...]
Extinguishing the Chinese Sun: Did the US Just Declare Economic War on Asia?
Amid protests from Beijing and Seoul over new US trade restrictions on washing machines and solar panels, Russian journalist and geopolitical analyst Viktor Marakhovsky explains why Washington's move is really part of a much broader, considerably more significant series of processes marking the decline of US global hegemony. [...]
Trump & the Fed: US Shadow Bankers About to Deepen Control of US Economy
What’s sometime referred to as ‘shadow bankers’ have been running the economy and drafting US domestic economic policy since Trump took office. ‘Shadow’ banks include such financial institutions as investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, insurance companies, finance companies, asset management companies, e [...]
China unveils huge plans for the Arctic, with ‘Polar Silk Road’ on the way
Beijing has announced plans to extend the ambitious Belt and Road Initiative to the Arctic by developing shipping routes, in a project dubbed the Polar Silk Road. In a white paper released on Friday, the country said it expects to have a “major role in expanding the network of shipping routes” and noted that “as a result o [...]
Putin wants to keep foreign shipping out of Russia’s Northern Sea Route
President Vladimir Putin said he wants to keep foreign shipping out of Russia's Northern Sea Route, giving exclusive rights to Russian vessels. It will increase the volume of shipping, strengthen the position of the domestic shipping companies, and create additional opportunities for fleet renewal, he said. [...]
Enough Already: Hospitals Form Own Drug Firm to Fight Big Pharma Price Gouging
A group of some of the largest hospital chains in the US has had it with Big Pharma price gouging, announcing their intention to form their own nonprofit drug manufacturing company.  A coalition of several of America's largest hospital systems have announced that they will collaborate on the creation of a not-for-profit organiz [...]
Move Over Musk: Russia Working On Own, 100-Use, Environmentally Friendly Rocket
According to designers, unlike Space X's Falcon 9, the KORONA is not just a rocket, but a spacecraft, capable of takeoff and landing, with its development effectively opening the path to interplanetary flights with crew onboard. [...]
Trump administration afraid of competition in international arena – Lavrov
The current administration is afraid of competition in the international arena in a number of directions, and behaves tougher than the Obama administration, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday. "It seems to me that despite President Trump's line during the election campaign, this legacy, unfortunately, has been [...]
US forcing Europe to abandon Russian gas & buy more expensive American LNG – Lavrov
The United States is afraid of fair competition in the energy sector, and is hampering the implementation of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. [...]
Richest man in history: Amazon’s Bezos earns more in 5 days than most could in 5 lifetimes
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has become the wealthiest person in history and the first to outrank Microsoft’s Bill Gates on the rich list, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Gates was the only one to have made 13-figure fortune. [...]
Facebook stock plunges on news feed overhaul
Shares in Facebook dropped by more than 4 percent ahead of Friday's opening bell after the CEO announced changes to the platform’s centerpiece news feed, which he said would hit user engagement in the near term. The company is planning to change the filter for its news feed to prioritize what friends and family share, while re [...]

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