Russia to Withdraw From NATO Act If US Keeps Boosting Presence in Europe – MP
The Russia-NATO collaboration could be in jeopardy over the US' recent moves to enhance its military presence in Europe. "The United States is doing everything to push Russia to withdraw from the agreement. [...]
Turkey-Russia S-400 Deal: Ankara ‘Falls Out of NATO Air Defense System’
Turkey mulling the purchase of Russia's S-400 surface-to-air missile system can be described as "a unique situation," which means that Ankara "is falling out of NATO's air defense system," a Russian military expert told Sputnik. [...]
Intel Agent Reveals How NATO Planned to Tear Russia Apart
According to secret documents obtained by a Russian intelligence service, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO planned to split Russia into several smaller parts, a former secret agent told Russia's Rossiya 1 broadcaster. After the collapse of the USSR, NATO planned to divide Russia into small parts diminishing [...]
Montenegro Pays the Price for NATO Entry by Spoiling Ties With Russia, Serbia
Montenegro is facing the necessity of breaking its ties with Russia; this will serve as a kind of payment for entering NATO, Russian political analyst Vladimir Kireyev told Sputnik. In an interview with Sputnik, Russian political analyst Vladimir Kireyev said that Montenegro is paying the price for its NATO entry. [...]
Mental blockade: US embargoes 20 nations but frets over imaginary Russian siege
US and British troops this week joined thousands of NATO forces to conduct war games in Poland rehearsing the 'possible' blockade of Baltic states by Russia. Talk about mental blockade. [...]
‘Up to 15 tons of depleted uranium used in 1999 Serbia bombing’ – lead lawyer in suit against NATO
An international legal team is preparing a lawsuit against NATO over the alliance’s alleged use of depleted uranium munitions during its bombing of Yugoslavia. These have allegedly caused a rise in cancer-related illnesses across the region over the years. [...]
Phasing NATO Out of Arctic: Russia Arming Up Northern Fleet With New Weapons
As competition for the Arctic mineral wealth heats up and NATO continues to build up its military presence near Russia’s western borders, the Northern Fleet is becoming key to ensuring the country’s national security and economic interests. [...]
Austria blasts past Germany to win NATO’s tank games (VIDEO)
An Austrian tank platoon came in first in this year’s NATO tank competition, co-hosted by the US and Germany. Newcomer Ukraine finished second to last, beating out Poland. The annual Strong Europe Tank Challenge at the US Army’s Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany this week featured teams from NATO members Germany, Franc [...]
Turkey partially blocks NATO projects, including political events & military drills
Ankara has partially blocked its participation in some NATO projects, including political events and military drills, amid a diplomatic row over the cancelation of Turkish rallies in several European countries. A spokeswoman for Ankara's mission to the military alliance said on Thursday that Turkey's withdrawal is only aimed [...]
NATO acting up: Alliance looking for people to portray ‘Russians’ during war drills
NATO is offering jobs to Russian-speaking actors ready to play civilians in the alliance’s military drills, according to a job advertisement on the official website for the city of Berlin. NATO is offering jobs to Russian-speaking actors ready to play civilians in the alliance’s military drills, according to a job adverti [...]
Kosovo: ‘Failure’ of One of the West’s Most Expensive Political Projects
The Western-sponsored project of Kosovo has failed to build its own sovereignty and national identity. According to journalist and publicist Zivojin Rakovevic, Kosovo was never an autonomous state and now its dependence is unprecedented. [...]
Tillerson’s Revised Schedule Shows NATO is ‘Clearly Not a Priority’ for Trump
The Trump administration does not view relations with the North Atlantic Alliance or Europe as a priority as evidenced by the fact that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will not attend a meeting of NATO foreign ministers scheduled for April 5-6, political analyst Vladimir Batyuk told RIA Novosti. [...]
Western chicken hawks are going cold on Turkey
Where is the increasingly vituperative spat between Turkey and The Netherlands (and other EU countries) going to lead? Why is this political fall-out between fellow NATO members happening at this precise moment? First, a quick recap of the events.   [...]
Four NATO powers prefer Russia to the US, Gallup poll shows
A Gallup poll has revealed that citizens of four NATO nations would sooner count on Russia to defend them rather than the United States, Bloomberg reported on Friday, reflecting the changing perceptions of the US's role in global security. Between October and December 2016, WIN/Gallup International asked around a thousand peo [...]
‘Confrontational agenda’: Russian envoy blasts NATO border activities
Moscow’s envoy to NATO has said the bloc’s recent moves and future plans aimed at boosting its military presence near Russian borders have no justification and have only served to heighten tensions. “In essence, by its preparations along our borders NATO tries to impose on us a confrontational agenda that has nothing to [...]
US tanks, infantry fighting vehicles arrive in Estonia amid NATO buildup on Russian borders
US military hardware, including M1A2 Abrams battle tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, have arrived in the northern Estonian town of Tapa as part of continued US efforts to counter the alleged Russian threat.   [...]
Trump: US supports NATO, but wants all members to pay fair share
Donald Trump has stated that although the US strongly supports NATO, it wants all members to make their full contributions to the alliance. His comments were made during a speech at the US Central Command in Florida. [...]

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