Weaponizing the Debt: How Dumping of US Treasuries May Dethrone the Dollar
The White House's tough trade practices and sanctions policies may finally backfire on the US, prompting holders of US debt to dump American Treasuries. The move could have a serious impact on the decades-long leadership of the US dollar. Russia and China are dumping their US Treasury debt holdings amid Washington's sanctions an [...]
America… Its Own Worst Enemy
It is an epic paradox that President Donald Trump, like previous US presidents, boasts of America’s military supremacy and its vital role as defender of the nation. The Trump administration in its first year in office boosted the annual military budget to $700 billion, up from an already gargantuan average figure of some $ [...]
Moscow to Introduce Import Duties on US Products in Response to Tariffs
These measures will only affect products that have analogues in Russia, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Maxim Oreshkin said. "Because the US continues to apply protective measures in the form of additional import duties on steel and aluminum and refuses to provide compensation for Russia's losses, Rus [...]
US could fall like the Medici dynasty – RT’s Keiser Report
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look into whether the United States has entered the vicious ‘Medici cycle’, where money is used to get political power and political power is used to make money. Max and Stacy refer to the work of finance professor at the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business, Luigi Zingales. [...]
Achtung baby: Trump wants German cars out of America
German carmakers may be pushed out of the United States as President Donald Trump wants to stop them from cruising through New York, according to German magazine Wirtschaftswoche. It cited several unnamed European and US diplomats claiming that Trump told his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron in April he would stick to his trad [...]
Putin warns of financial crisis the world ‘has not yet seen’
The global economy is facing a threat of a spiraling protectionist measures that can lead to a devastating crisis, Vladimir Putin warned. Nations must find a way to prevent this and establish rules on how the economy should work. The Russian president spoke out against the growing trend of using unilateral restrictions to achiev [...]
‘Isolated’ Russia welcomes investment funds worth over $13 trillion at St. Petersburg forum
About 40 leaders of the world's largest investment funds with total assets of over $13.5 trillion will participate in SPIEF 2018. They will discuss with President Putin the “unjustified” assumptions about isolating Russia. According to the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Kirill Dmitriev, about 40 leaders of the w [...]
US national debt tops $21 trillion for first time ever
US national debt tops $21 trillion for first time ever About a year ago, US President Donald Trump pledged to eliminate the national debt “over a period of eight years.” Treasury data now shows the debt has surpassed the $21 trillion mark this week for the first time in history. Last month Trump signed a suspension on the [...]
EU economies hit by collapse in investment
Capital investment in 24 of the EU’s 28 member states has fallen dramatically over the past ten years, according to Eurostat. Countries in Europe’s east and south experienced the biggest drops in investment after the 2008 crisis. Investment decreased on average by 2.3 percent, falling to 20.1 percent of GDP last year. It sto [...]
Bank of America Predicts Oil to Hit $100 per Barrel in 2019
Get ready for a spike in oil prices up to $100 a barrel – a level not seen since 2014 – in 2019, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts forecast. Bank of America Corp said Brent futures, trading as high as $78 on Thursday, are expected to reach $90 in the second quarter of 2019, depending on geopolitical developments a [...]
Back to $100? Crude oil prices to soar as Iran crisis adds to global supply headache
Prices for crude may skyrocket to $100 per barrel as soon as next year as major supply risks in Iran and Venezuela are likely to strain global energy markets, say analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. According to the bank, Brent futures, currently hovering around $77, will reach $90 in the second quarter of 2019 due to the [...]
Skyrocketing US debt can’t be supported by dollar printing forever, crisis may be coming – analyst
Living with ever-growing debt, which has passed $21 trillion, has become a trademark of the US economy. RT asked an analyst how long this can continue without serious problems for the world’s largest economy. US Treasuries and US foreign debt have long been supported by the dollar-printing machine, and this support may be [...]
“We are headed for a massive financial crisis” & Fed has “no idea what’s going on” – Peter Schiff
After a stern warning about a calm before an economic storm, investor Peter Schiff has accused the US Federal Reserve of being oblivious to the upcoming crash. Seeking Alpha quotes Schiff as saying that yields have risen to levels unseen since the last financial crisis a decade ago, with yield curves currently flattening. [...]
Richest 1% will own two-thirds of global wealth by 2030
A report by the UK House of Commons library has warned that the continued accumulation of wealth at the top will fuel growing distrust and anger over the coming decade unless action is taken to restore balance. According to the report, seen by The Guardian, if trends seen since the 2008 financial crash were to continue, then the [...]
‘Humanitarian Crisis in Hollywood’: Chronic homelessness vs. the American Dream
Thousands of people in one of America’s richest cities live on sidewalks infested with flesh-eating bacteria and tuberculosis. A Redfish Media report looks at the chronic homelessness crisis in Los Angeles. Homelessness in Los Angeles has increased 43 percent in just four years. [...]

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