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Privacy is only a friendly social network “promise” as End-To-End Encryption is not yet a reality.

We believe now is the time to revolutionize social media. Many people, including us, are fed up with the current market leaders. Most importantly, Facebook has shown a fundamental misunderstanding of privacy for many years. The world is ready for something new: A social network with built-in privacy. A social network that doesn’t only *promise* […]

Cyber Experts Explain Why India Tops List of 30 Countries Worldwide for Ransomware Attacks

A ‘State of Ransomware 2021’ survey interviewed 5,400 IT decision-makers in 30 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa, including 300 respondents in India alone. A recent global survey report ‘The State of Ransomware 2021’, by the Sophos IT security company has revealed that India tops a list of 30 […]

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“Price Prevails”: Why Australia, New Zealand, Canada Could Follow UK in Saying Yes to Huawei’s 5G

This week, in defiance of the Trump administration, London formally granted Chinese tech giant Huawei the right to build part of the UK’s 5G mobile internet network, albeit capping its UK market share at 35 percent and restricting involvement to “non-core” infrastructure. The US, which lobbied intensely to block Huawei, expressed disappointment.

Pros & Cons of Quantum Computing: Will Huawei’s ‘Unhackable’ Networks Leave US Spies Unemployed?

Huawei is spearheading the quantum communication technology in a bid to build “unhackable” networks. Cyber security experts have discussed whether the tech giant’s efforts would make US eavesdropping techniques, once described by Edward Snowden, obsolete.

Powered by Kabbalah: Israel’s Top Secret Talpiot Seeks to Globally Dominate AI and IoT

Today on TruNews we detail how Israel is preparing to take over the internet as it’s cyber guardian and deploy a top secret military army to police thought and spy on the world’s population through artificially intelligent Internet-of-Things. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall. Israel’s Top Secret Talpiot Seeks to Globally Dominate AI and IoT Could the […]