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Doomsday Clock Ticking Away: Will Humankind Survive Global Warming?
Last month was the warmest July in almost 140 years since records began being compiled, NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. According to the agency, the average global temperature was almost one degree Celsius higher than the average for July between 1951 and 1980. Radio Sputnik discussed this with Yale University ecol [...]
Iran’s Threat to Pull Out of Nuclear Deal a ‘Crystal Clear Message to the US’
Earlier this week, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned that Tehran may pull out from the nuclear deal if the United States continues its policy of sanctions against Iran. Experts reached by Sputnik, however, do not believe that Tehran will go that far. [...]
This Is Now The Goldman Sachs Presidency
The firing of Steve Bannon is in my opinion the most significant event to happen during the Trump administration thus far. Moreover, it will have massive reverberations across the U.S. political spectrum for years and years to come. I wasn’t planning on writing today, but this news is so incredibly significant I find myself w [...]
Russia Claims To Have Invented Alternative To Fracking
Russian scientists and local oil field services companies claim to have created a technology for thermochemical gas fracturing that could be an alternative to hydraulic fracturing and could increase oil production by between 1.7 and 6 times, Russia’s news agency RIA Novosti reports, citing the University of Tyumen’s press s [...]
Major ‘De-Dollarization’ Trend Seen in Russian Economy, Minister Says
Russian Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin said Wednesday that Russia's national currency, the ruble, should be supported because a "big trend toward the de-dollarization" of the country's economy is growing at a steady pace. [...]
Expert: Skyrocketing Price of Bitcoin Likely to Undergo ‘Tulip Mania’
The skyrocketing price of Bitcoin in recent years is likely to undergo the economic bubble like Tulip mania in the Netherlands at the beginning of the 17th century, says expert Zhou Wuying, Economic Information Daily reported on Aug. 14. [...]
Turkish Stream Pipeline Will Be Built on Time Despite US Sanctions – Minister
The Turkish Stream gas pipeline project will be implemented on time, regardless of the new US law that expands sanctions against Moscow, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said Friday. Novak explained that the contracts concerning the construction of the gas pipeline were concluded, and the construction was underway. [...]
The US ‘Can’t Do Much’ to Prevent China From Becoming World’s Economic Leader
Commenting on the recent statement of White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon that the US is at 'economic war' with China, Hong Kong-based political scientist Joseph Cheng explained to Sputnik that the US, in fact, can't do much to prevent Beijing from growing into the world's economic leader and why the two countries should a [...]
Sunheat: Russian Fearsome Thermobaric Flamethrower’s Secrets Revealed (VIDEO)
The burning projectile fired by Russia’s TOS-1A heavy thermobaric flamethrower system is capable of making life a living hell for anyone within its reach. Aptly dubbed “Solntsepyok” (Sunheat), the TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system is a 220 mm 24-barrel multiple rocket launcher and thermobaric weapon mounted on a T-72 tank c [...]
EU More Likely to ‘Ally with Russia Than US’ Over Gas Pipeline Projects
Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the Nord Stream-2 and Turkish Stream gas pipeline projects would be implemented on time, regardless of the new US law that expands sanctions against Moscow. Political analyst Alex Zubets told Radio Sputnik that Brussels is well aware of its own interests and is likely to back the [...]
Kalibr Missile: a Weapon Helping Russia ‘Increase Presence in Global Ocean’
On Friday, a Russian nuclear submarine successfully hit a target in Russia’s northwestern Arkhangelsk region with a Kalibr cruise missile. "Today, the Northern Fleet's multipurpose nuclear submarine Severodvinsk successfully fired a Kalibr sea-based cruise missile. The crew conducted the underwater test launch from the Nor [...]
How US Media Blames Other Countries for ‘US’ Miserable Failure In Afghanistan’
CNN tries to brew another scandal around Russia: it has come up with a report, claiming that the Russian government is allegedly arming the Taliban militants in Afghanistan, based on an interview with a 'breakaway terrorist group in the West.' Political analyst Rahimullah Yusufzai, explained to Sputnik what is the actual purpose [...]
Ukraine: New US ‘Buffer Zone’ Against Russia
The Ukrainian Navy plans to open a NATO doctrine and tactical center before the end of this year, the Navy’s deputy chief of staff for Euro-Atlantic integration, said on Thursday. Expert Natalya Makeyeva told Sputnik that Ukraine is viewed by the West as an instrument in its standoff with Russia. [...]
Lost World War II ship USS Indianapolis discovered in Philippine sea
The USS Indianapolis, a lost World War II cruiser has been located in the Philippines sea by a team of civilian researchers led by billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Allen confirmed the discovery Saturday, revealing that the infamous wreckage was found 5,500 meters below the surface resting on the floor of the [...]
‘Turkish President Erdogan has given up on the European Union’
The relationship between Turkey and the EU are further deteriorating, Dr. Rainer Rothfuss, geopolitical analyst and consultant, told RT. Rainer Rupp, publicist and former German intelligence officer, also joins the conversation. Turkish President Recep Erdogan urged nearly 3 million German Turks not to cast their vote for Cha [...]
Trump teases ‘decision’ on US strategy for Afghanistan
US President Donald Trump hinted that decisions have been made, “including on Afghanistan,” at a meeting with top US military commanders at Camp David, pushing back on speculation that he is putting off making a decisive strategy call. “Important day spent at Camp David with our very talented Generals and military leade [...]
Americans did not elect Donald Trump to expand foreign military intervention
US President Donald Trump is finding his campaign promises increasingly difficult to fulfill, but his leaning towards military interventionism could be the most fundamental breach of trust for his Rust Belt supporters. Across the globe, we see potential new Trump foreign military actions or the expansion of old ones. [...]

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