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The Dangerous Erosion of U.S. Leadership
Despite Donald Trump’s speech to the World Economic Forum in which he attempted to reassure global leaders on his “America First” ideology, the damage to U.S. credibility may already be done, as Alon Ben-Meir explains. Just one year after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, the U.S. [...]
Global Warming: Best Climate Change Models Predict Most Alarming Results
Researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science have made a startling discovery: the most accurate climate models are those that predict the highest levels of global warming over the next 100 years. [...]
Last Year Hottest ‘By Far’: World’s Oceans Top Temperature Records Again
A new analysis conducted by a Chinese research paper published on Friday in a peer-reviewed journal entitled ‘2017 Was the Warmest Year on Record for the Global Ocean' detailed the last year to be the hottest year for ocean temperatures since records began being kept. [...]
How to Survive at Minus 60 Celsius (-76°F): Manual From Russia’s Coldest Region (PHOTOS)
Even when temperatures drop below -60 degrees Celsius (-76 degrees Fahrenheit), life in Yakutia doesn’t stop. Check out these life hacks, that help local people continue their lives as normal during the notoriously severe Siberian winters. [...]
US to Take Back Heavy Arms Supplied to Kurdish YPG – Reports
MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Washington confirmed its commitment to take back the heavy weapons it had supplied to Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria but did not set a time frame for the process, a US official told Turkish media following a high-level meeting in Ankara. [...]
‘Double standards’: Kurds slam US for not fighting ‘Turkish occupation’ of Afrin (VIDEO)
As Kurdish fighters look to the US to help in the fight against Turkish troops in Manbij, some are accusing Washington of double standards after it did nothing to protect Afrin from “Turkish occupation.” “With the coalition, especially the US forces, we saw some double standards,” a Kurdish military officer by the name [...]
China overtakes US as world’s largest economy
The Chinese economy just pushed past the US to become the world’s largest economy (at least according to purchasing power parity). Although long expected by many experts, the Asian powerhouse’s snatching of the top spot has taken some by surprise. Euro Pacific Capital President Peter Schiff speaks with RT’s Ben Swann on wh [...]
Russia sanctions a ‘dead horse,’ seriously damaged economy – German regional heads
Anti-Russian sanctions have achieved nothing other than placing a significant burden on the German economy, prime ministers of two German federal states have argued, calling on fellow regional leaders to demand their lifting. [...]
A National Defense Strategy of Sowing Global Chaos
In the new U.S. National Defense Strategy, military planners bemoan the erosion of the U.S.’s “competitive edge,” but the reality is that they are strategizing to maintain the American Empire in a chaotic world, explains Nicolas J.S. Davies. Presenting the 2018 National Defense Strategy of the United States on Friday at [...]
Solar Import Tariff: Pain Without Benefit
The new 30% import tariff just imposed on imported solar panels and solar cells is a protective tariff without benefit. It will not revive the declining U.S. silicon solar cell industry. It will harm U.S. workers in factories manufacturing solar panels using imported solar cells. It will hurt the rapidly expanding ind [...]
Chocolate Bunnies, Slave Labor, and Water Theft: The Horrible Nestle Story
Recently it was discovered that the Nestle corporation had been abusing their water permits in California, essentially stealing millions of gallons of water to bottle and sell to consumers in one of the most drought-ravaged states in the country. But Nestle’s disgusting story goes far beyond water stealing. Attorneys Mike Papa [...]
Turkey-Backed Syrian Rebels Reportedly Open Fire at US Troops
As Ankara and Syrian rebels it backs oppose Kurdish-led opposition forces fighting against Daesh terrorists with the US military support in the country, media reports emerged that US servicemen came under fire from a group of Turkey-backed rebels. [...]
Chinese State Media Says US Government Shutdown Lays Bare ‘Chronic Flaws’
On Saturday, the US federal government shut down due to a lack of funding after Democrats in the Senate prevented Republicans from passing the spending bill. The US government shutdown raises questions about the viability and legitimacy of America’s political system, Chinese state media has reported. [...]
Turkish Foreign Minister Urges Immediate US Withdrawal From Syria’s Manbij
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has stated that the United States should take concrete steps to prove the end of support for Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), rather than rhetoric. [...]
Extinguishing the Chinese Sun: Did the US Just Declare Economic War on Asia?
Amid protests from Beijing and Seoul over new US trade restrictions on washing machines and solar panels, Russian journalist and geopolitical analyst Viktor Marakhovsky explains why Washington's move is really part of a much broader, considerably more significant series of processes marking the decline of US global hegemony. [...]
Italy, the Trailblazer? Breaking Euro, EU, NATO Bonds Best For Country
To be “born again” Italy needs to ditch the euro, break away from NATO and the EU and become an ally of Russia, political analyst Lorenzo Valloreja told Sputnik Italy. Lorenzo Valloreja outlined his ideas in his book, titled “Beyond Prejudice” (“Al Di La’ Del Pregiudizio”), which will be presented to the public at [...]
WATCH: Nuclear Icebreaker Sends Arctic Explorers a Wake Up Call
A crew of Arctic expedition explorers was out casually one night in -50 degree Celsius weather - you know, like you do - with their pickup trucks in northern Russia when a nuclear-powered icebreaker came within feet of them as it cruised by. [...]

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