Former Spy: CIA Will Ensure US Public Never Knows Torture Program’s ‘Full Scope’
The US Central Intelligence Agency “has done everything in its power, legal and illegal, to stop the American people from learning about the CIA’s torture program,” CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou told Loud & Clear on Radio Sputnik Wednesday. [...]
ACLU settles torture case with CIA-contracted psychologists
The ACLU has declared a “historic victory” following the settlement of its lawsuit against two CIA-contracted psychologists involved in torturing suspects and developing the agency’s ‘enhanced interrogation program.' The terms are confidential. CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou told RT that while the settlement is histo [...]
An American Prophet (Chris Hedges) Is Vindicated
I’m not the only person to note that if Jesus ever actually showed up in America it would be our “Christians” who would shout him down — if, that is, he talked about peace and the horror of an imperial nation addicted to war. “Blessed are the peacemakers”? No thanks! If you ever want to know what it looks like whe [...]
Note to President Trump: Torture and Syrian ‘Safe Zones’ are Wrong
US President Donald Trump continues the blizzard of activity with which he has begun his Presidency with pronouncements that the practice known as 'waterboarding' works, and that he wants to see 'safe zones' established for refugees within Syria. [...]
Health Insurance, Drug Lobbyists Continue to Fuel Clinton Campaign
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign has received more than $4 million in bundled lobbyist contributions from those who lobby on behalf of industries she claims to be her “enemies,” according to FEC documents. Clinton, who officially launched her presidential campaign in April 2015, [...]
‘There is no justice here’ – Russian pilot jailed in US tells of kidnap, torture & lies
Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who is serving a 20-year sentence in the US for alleged drug trafficking, has told reporters about numerous violations of his rights and “deliberate attempts to kill him” through cruel conditions and poor medical treatment. [...]
Pentagon Releases 198 Abuse Photos in Long-Running Lawsuit. What They Don’t Show Is a Bigger Story.
After more than a decade of legal battles and stonewalling, the Department of Defense released 198 photos relating to prisoner abuse by U.S. military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. The photos were released in response to an ACLU lawsuit that we have been litigating for almost 12 years. [...]
Pentagon Releases 200 Photos of Bush-Era Prisoner Abuse, Thousands Kept Secret
The Pentagon on Friday was forced to release nearly 200 photographs of bruises, lacerations, and other injuries inflicted on prisoners presumably by U.S. military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. The record-dump was the result of a Freedom of Information Act request and nearly 12 years of [...]
The 21st Century: An Era Of Fraud
In the last years of the 20th century fraud entered US foreign policy in a new way. On false pretenses Washington dismantled Yugoslavia and Serbia in order to advance undeclared agenda. In the 21st century this fraud multiplied many times. Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Libya were destroyed, and Iran and Syria would also hav [...]
The Global De-dollarization and the US Policies | New Eastern Outlook
In its quest for world domination, which the White House has been pursuing for more than a century, it relied on two primary tools: the US dollar and military might. In order to prevent Washington from establishing complete global hegemony, certain countries have recently been revising their positions towards these two elemen [...]
Opportunistic Islamophobia
If, as he and other true believers think, George W. Bush really does have to meet his Maker someday, and if He (sic) really is just and good, and if the point of the meeting is to decide whether George will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell, then that man should be thanking the alleged divinity every moment of his waking life for [...]
Torture Report at One Year: Unread, Unpunished, and Still Up for Debate
In the one year since the Senate Intelligence Committee released its account of the Central Intelligence Agency's brutal torture regime, the perpetrators have gone unpunished and the report remains unread, while—at least for some presidential candidates—torture still remains a topic for discussion. [...]
The Age of Despair: Reaping the Whirlwind of Western Support for Extremist Violence
We, the West, overthrew Saddam by violence. We overthrew Gaddafi by violence. We are trying to overthrow Assad by violence. Harsh regimes all — but far less draconian than our Saudi allies, and other tyrannies around the world. What has been the result of these interventions? A hell on earth, one that grows wider and more viru [...]
Helping you to #QuestionMore: How Assange became RT contributor & fugitive of the West
Hunted by EU and US governments, WikiLeaks whistleblower Julian Assange managed to find refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London – and RT made sure his voice is heard. This is just one way we have helped you “Question More” in our 10 years of broadcasting. [...]
Spiritually Rudderless
Another deep cry, followed by a shrug. The world is at war, at war, at war. But it only hurts them, the helpless ones, the anonymous poor, who absorb the bombs and bullets, who bury their children, who flee their broken countries. Sixty million people have been displaced by the current wars, the highest number of uprooted sin [...]

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