Radiation spikes after wildfire in Chernobyl exclusion zone
Ukrainian nuclear inspectors have measured a significant increase in radiation in the Chernobyl exclusion zone caused by heavy wildfires raging in close proximity to the crippled nuclear power station. Air near the desolated settlement of Polesskoye in the Chernobyl zone is contaminated with the radioactive element cesium-137 [...]
Porsche torn apart in central Moscow deadly crash (VIDEO)
A Porsche 911 Turbo S sports car was torn in two and turned into scrap metal in a matter of seconds in the center of Moscow on Saturday. Two young men died in the crash after the driver lost control of the luxurious vehicle on a wet road. The horrifying crash happened around 7:20am in central Moscow. There is usually little t [...]
Off the rails: US railway crisis blamed on lack of funding, crumbling infrastructure
The US is no stranger to fatal railway accidents: over the last decade, dozens of lives were lost, and hundreds of people injured in train wrecks. All this is due to lack of funding, infrastructure and development, critics say. The latest Amtrak train crash has left at least six people killed and dozens injured, with the caus [...]
Man tasered for flying drone in Hawaii national park
Travis Sanders was out with his family at a lava lake at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park last week when he was tasered to the ground for trying to take some snaps of the lava with a small toy drone. Sanders was minding his own business and flying his drone over the lava lake when he was apprehended by a park ranger who tol [...]
2014 as we saw it: Top 10 NEWS videos of the year
From planes to protests to presidents – and even the odd pitched battle. Plenty of videos gave us pause for thought in 2014, bringing a new dimension to news stories from around the world. Immediate aftermath of MH17 crash, Amateur video surfaced showing the horrific aftermath of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash in eastern [...]
AirAsia tragedy: Fuselage detected by sonar
The recovery team looking for the crash site of missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 has found a large dark object lying on the seabed that is presumed to be the plane's fuselage. The object was found in the Sea of Java off the coast of Borneo “about 30 to 50 meters under water,” confirmed Mochamad Hernanto, an Indonesian offici [...]
Bomb attacks foiled at Crimea ‘prosecutie’ office
Two attempted terrorist attacks on the Crimean Prosecutor's Office have recently been prevented by members of the local People's Guard. So-called "prosecutie" Natalia Poklonskaya has also had previous threats. Two members of the guard prevented a couple of terrorist attacks that could have led to multiple casualties at Poklon [...]
Mother of German MH17 crash victim sues Ukraine in EU court
The mother of a victim killed in the Malaysian plane crash in eastern Ukraine has started legal proceedings to sue the Ukrainian authorities in the European Court of Human Rights, demanding about $1 million for pain and suffering. The mother of “Olga L.”, a German citizen, submitted her case against Ukraine to the Europea [...]
Hi-tech gear stolen from Russia’s Mistral warship in France
Electronic equipment, including hard drives and a device operating the helicopter carrier's communications system, has been stolen off the Mistral ship built for Russia in the French port of Saint-Nazaire. An investigation into the case of the missing equipment has been launched, French media reported. “Sensitive material [...]
Not alone: New radar data indicates other jets on MH17 course before crash
New radar data indicating that military aircraft were in the air near Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 when it crashed in eastern Ukraine on July 17 has been released by a Russian air safety consultancy. The consultancy provided a snapshot representing the readings taken by a radar station located in Russia’s Rostov, near the [...]
October ’14 in pictures: Major news stories through the camera lens
From Spider Man protesting in Hong Kong to Darth Vader running for parliament in Ukraine's elections; a world search for North Korea's 'missing' leader and Sweden's hunt for a mysterious 'Russian submarine' - RT offers you October headlines, made visual. The ongoing epidemic of the deadly Ebola virus has shown no sign of abat [...]
Risky business: Top 5 failures of US commercial space program (PHOTO, VIDEO)
NASA heavily relies on private companies for space-related travel, but recent accidents show that such firms cannot yet be fully trusted for the mission. The crashes hint at an increasing number of glitches that need to be fixed to ensure safety. Here are the top five crashes involving the aircrafts or rockets of NASA's priva [...]
Pentagon confirms ‘1st US soldier’ dead in Iraq anti-ISIS campaign
A 19-year-old mortarman has become the first US soldier to die in the fight against ISIS in Iraq, albeit from a "non-combat injury," the Pentagon acknowledged. The death of Marine Lance Corporal Sean P. Neal of Riverside, California, which occurred on Thursday in Baghdad, is under investigation, according to the Pentagon. [...]
“Almost lynching”: Radicals attack Ukrainian officials, throw into trash bins
As President Petro Poroshenko signed the lustration law, the trash dumping of lawmakers in Ukraine is gaining momentum. The General Prosecutor warned that there is a thin line between the so-called "trash lustration" and lynching. Poroshenko signed the law that establishes the legal framework for checking government officials [...]
Kiev seeks access to MH17 site to back “prefabricated” crash version – Moscow
Ukrainian Security Service seeks to reach the crash site of the Malaysian MH17 flight to fabricate at least some evidence which will allow Kiev to conceal the true causes of the catastrophe from the world, said Russia's Defense ministry. “One cannot but feel angry about yet another attempt by the Ukrainian security service [...]

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