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Merkel’s CDU human rights speaker quits party over ‘open door’ refugee policy
A human rights spokesperson for Chancellor Merkel’s CDU is quitting the conservative party citing sharp discontent with the government’s “political will” to let thousands of unidentified refugees in, despite the risk of terrorists slipping through as well. [...]
Big surge in cyberattacks on Russia amid US hacking hysteria – Russian security chief
While the US continues to publicly accuse Russia of numerous hacking attacks without providing any proof, it actually actively uses its own advantages in cyberspace for surveillance and intelligence purposes, Russia’s security chief has said. [...]
‘Certain Forces in EU Afraid’ of Possible Thaw in Russia-US Ties
German intelligence has accused Russia of systematically undermining relations between Europe and the US, German Spiegel Online magazine wrote, citing a new report prepared jointly by the Federal Intelligence Service and the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. [...]
Trump Will Have to ‘Face Hawks in Congress’ if Aims to Ease Sanctions on Russia
In the last week of his presidency, Barack Obama extended sanctions against Russia. Next US President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the policy of sanctions. However, experts warn that Trump is unlikely to lift the sanctions in the first months of his term. [...]
Russian Post Sends Melania Trump Unusual Parcel
Russian singer Victoria Tsyganova has sent a parcel to the wife of newly elected US president Donald Trump containing a jacket made of fur and cashmere. It will be delivered to the US by the Russian Post. According to the Russian Post, the parcel was sent to the US on Friday from Sheremetyevo airport on a regular flight to New [...]
Austria’s far-right party chief calls for law banning ‘political Islam’ over its ‘fascist worldview’
Austria needs an “effective law banning political Islam,” said Heinz-Christian Strache, the head of the Austrian far-right Freedom Party (FPO), adding that the Alpine country should also stop accepting new migrants and refugees. [...]
Alex Jones Exposes Secret Russian Ties To US
Russia has been forced to take care of ISIS due to Obama's negligence. Alex discusses how there is no threat from any Russian connection to Trump and instead sees this as a sad attempt to hide the real ties the Russians have to America, which is to clean up our messes. As we continue to fuel battles and wars in the Middle Ea [...]
Putin ‘Outmaneuvers’ Obama by Refusing to Expel US Diplomats, Slap Sanctions
Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again "outmaneuvered" US President Barack Obama by refraining from slapping reciprocal sanctions on American government agencies and expelling US diplomats, Earl Rasmussen, Executive Vice President of the Eurasia Center, told RIA Novosti. [...]
Putin’s Bear to Obama’s Turkey
True to national emblem, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown bear-like stoicism. As for the presumed American eagle, US President Barack Obama appears more like a trussed-up turkey. Not for the first time, the contrast in character between Putin and Obama was illustrated in the latest diplomatic spat over alleged Russian [...]
Zakharova: ‘Obama team are foreign policy losers, humiliate Americans with anti-Russia sanctions’
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has posted a scathing Facebook comment on US President Barack Obama’s approval of new anti-Russian measures, arguing Obama’s “bitter” and “helpless” team did a disfavor to the White House’s reputation. Zakharova wrote that the outgoing president did not manag [...]
Austria to use OSCE chairmanship to ease anti-Russia sanctions – FM Kurz
The new chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has said he seeks to improve relations with Russia, as there can be no "positive developments" on the continent with the current punitive approach. Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said his country, Austria, will work to "gradually" eas [...]
‘Zero Evidence’ of Alleged Russia’s Influence on US Election – Trump Spokesman
Washington does not possess any evidence of Russia allegedly influencing the US presidential election despite claims by mainstream media, incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Monday. In an interview to another US broadcaster, Spicer said that Trump and his team would wait for the final report from intelligence [...]
Kissinger’s Possible Role in US-Russia Normalization is ‘Great News for Moscow’
In late-December, the German newspaper Bild reported that former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger would be involved in normalizing ties between Moscow and Washington. The analysis of information, obtained by European intelligence from President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team and cited by Bild, revealed t [...]
‘Most Damaging and Embarrassing Answer We Could Receive,’ – Putin Shocks Experts
Russian President Vladimir Putin has responded to the outgoing US administration’s efforts to provoke conflict through new sanctions in what some are calling the “most embarrassing” way possible for US President Barack Obama. [...]
Clinton Donors Not Buying Her Russia Excuse
Thursday night, Hillary Clinton told a roomful of top campaign donors that she lost the Presidential election because of Vladimir Putin and James Comey — but the donors don’t appear to be buying her story of woe. [...]

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