Salvini says he flagged ‘Ukrainian group’s death threat,’ leading to neo-Nazi missile bust

Italy’s Deputy PM Matteo Salvini has said that an investigation into a “Ukrainian group’s” plot to kill him was what led to a major seizure of weapons, including an air-to-air missile and neo-Nazi memorabilia, by police this week.

‘We want nothing to do with you’: Salvini says Merkel and Macron ‘ruined’ Europe

Italian Deputy Prime Minister and anti-immigration leader Matteo Salvini has fired back after German Chancellor Angela Merkel claimed she wouldn’t let his party work with her in the European Parliament.

Italian embrace of China’s new Silk Road meets abrasive transatlantic double standards

Italy’s endorsement of China’s global integration model – the Belt and Road Initiative – has caused ructions in the transatlantic alliance and also between members of the European Union delineating the bloc’s North-South divide.

Italy joining China’s Silk Road shows EU maximizes its own interests over US wishes – former FM

Italy’s desire to build trade ties with China isn’t a move against the US, but an effort to “maximise” its own interests, Italy’s former Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told RT, ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Rome visit.

Italy joining China’s new Silk Road raises eyebrows in Washington

Italy is planning to formally back China’s multi-trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It would become the first G7 nation to join the ambitious project which promises to significantly boost global trade. Rome is preparing to sign a memorandum of understanding to officially support the project, championed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, by the end […]

75% of Venice under water after unusually high tide strikes famed city (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Venice’s iconic piazzas are covered in water, not pigeons, as three-quarters of the city is submerged following a storm that brought strong winds, rose water levels, and toppled trees. Water levels rose more than five feet (156cm / 61.4 inches), with photos showing locals and tourists wading their way through it.

Italy Resists EU Calls to Slap Sanctions Over Cyber Attacks – Reports

Earlier in the day, the Netherlands and the UK reportedly sent a memo to the other European bloc member urging them to update their sanctions list with penalties, which cyber crimes they think should carry. Italy is opposing a European Union push to slap sanctions on countries that carry out cyberattacks, a confidential EU document […]

‘We’ll close our airports!’ Salvini resists Germany’s plans to send migrants back to Italy

Rome has still not reached an agreement with Berlin on the repatriation of asylum seekers who had first registered in Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said, vowing to close airports to German flights transferring refugees. “If someone in Berlin or Brussels thinks of dumping dozens of migrants in Italy via unauthorized charter flights, they should […]

Italy’s Flight From Eurozone Would Be Liberation, Not Punishment – Eurexit Chief

The European Commission launched an attack on Italy’s government this week, expressing its “serious concern” over Rome’s spending plans and claiming they violate EU fiscal rules. Speaking to Sputnik, lawyer and Eurexit Association president Francesca Donato explained why the latent conflict between Rome and Brussels is likely to escalate.

People Who Want to Look Like Barbie, Ken Need Psychotherapist – Plastic Surgeon

More and more people in Italy are asking plastic surgeons to make them look like Barbie or Ken. Carlo Gasperoni, an associate professor in aesthetic surgery at the University of Rome Tor Vergata commented on the issue in an interview with Sputnik.

Austrian FPO Party Seeks Italian Lega’s Help in Closing E Alps Migration Route

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) congratulated Italy’s Lega party on achieving great results in the election, expressing hope that both parties would succeed in closing the Brenner Pass on the Italian-Austrian border, a migrant route in the eastern Alps, Roman Haider, the FPO’s foreign policy spokesman, told Sputnik on Monday.

Europe must be rebuilt around people, not bureaucracy – leader of Italy’s anti-EU Lega Nord

Europe should be rebuilt around people, not bureaucracy, said Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Euroskeptic Lega Nord party, after the group made considerable gains in the country’s general election. Salvini’s party won over 18 percent of the vote in Sunday’s election, according to preliminary results.

Italy, the Trailblazer? Breaking Euro, EU, NATO Bonds Best For Country

To be “born again” Italy needs to ditch the euro, break away from NATO and the EU and become an ally of Russia, political analyst Lorenzo Valloreja told Sputnik Italy. Lorenzo Valloreja outlined his ideas in his book, titled “Beyond Prejudice” (“Al Di La’ Del Pregiudizio”), which will be presented to the public at the Italian […]

‘Putin’s Russia is Europe’s Main Ally in Fight Against Extremism’

Matteo Salivini, leader of Italian opposition Lega Nord party, told Sputnik on Friday that the extension of the European Union’s anti-Russian sanctions was “absurd,” since the restrictive measures were damaging for the economies of both Italy and the entire 28-member-bloc.

Unable to Harm Russia With Own Sanctions, US ‘Made EU a Tool in Its Policy’

Former Italian Prime Minister and European Commission ex-president Romano Prodi called on Europe to scrap immediately the anti-Russian sanctions, before US president Donald Trump does it first.



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