While America’s Plan To Destroy China’s Will Fail | Ft. The DURAN & Cyrus Janssen🎞
Join us for a riveting live stream live stream event hosted by our esteemed guests, The Duran's Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris, alongside Cyrus Janssen and Reporterfy Media, will guide us through the intricate web of international relations. In this captivating discussion, our attention will be firmly fixed on the ongoing China USA Economic war. Show Topic for more... China’s [...]
Collapse of the PETRODOLLAR, Japan & Saudi Arabia ABANDON oil trading in U.S dollars 🎞
This week Chinese energy representatives met by video with the Saudi Energy Minister and both sides expressed a strong desire to build a long, solid, and lasting cooperation in the energy sector. China is gradually taking over the US position in the Middle East energy system following the US-Saudi standoff. China and Saudi Arabia have already established a channel for oil settlement in RMB, and Ch [...]
Everybody wants to hop on the BRICS Express
Eurasia is about to get a whole lot larger as countries line up to join the Chinese and Russian-led BRICS and SCO, to the detriment of the west. Let’s start with what is in fact a tale of Global South trade between two members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). [...]