The US and 3 allies are blaming Russia for nerve agent attack on ex-spy
Three countries agree with Britain that "it was highly likely that Russia was responsible for the attack." President Donald Trump has consistently refused to punish Russia for its attacks on the United States and around the world — but that changed somewhat today. [...]
‘That’d Make Sense’: Porsche Eyes Flying Taxi
German car maker Porsche continues to impress and is mulling a new way to create a vehicle which would be able to easily navigate around any potential gridlock on city highways. In an interview with the German magazine Automobilwoche, Porsche sales chief Detlev von Platen said that it did not rule out the creation of a flying [...]
‘Do you want war with Russia?’: Backlash at German newspaper over ‘NATO’s Eastern Front’ piece
An article mentioning “NATO’s Eastern Front” in a headline got Germany’s Die Welt newspaper in hot water, with furious readers accusing it of warmongering. The term Eastern Front is associated with the 1941 Nazi invasion of USSR. [...]
Munich gathering descends into Russia-bashing nonsense & warmongering
For an event designed to address real global security issues, the Munich Security Conference has shown itself to be a useless talking shop. But it does add more propaganda fodder for Russia-bashing, Finian Cunnigham writes. [...]
‘Thank you, Mama Merkel’: Syrian refugee lives with 2 wives, 6 kids on benefits in Germany
A documentary about a Syrian refugee in Germany, who happily lives on state handouts with his two wives and six kids, has angered many in the country where polygamy is against the law. The Spiegel TV film was aired over the weekend, telling the story of 32-year-old Ahmad A. who fled the fighting in Syria’s Aleppo back in 2015 [...]
Easing of Russian sanctions could follow UN peacekeeper deployment in Ukraine – acting German FM
The gradual lifting of sanctions against Russia may start if the Moscow-backed plan to deploy UN peacekeepers in the conflict area of eastern Ukraine is implemented, interim German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said. [...]
German Security Report: US Poses More Danger Than Russia
"The Security Report 2018" has cited ordinary Germans as saying that Russia is a less serious threat to world peace than the US and apparently it's all due to Donald Trump, claim the authors of the report, which also shows a decline in confidence in the German army. [...]
German Police Association Advocates Total Legalization of Cannabis
The group is calling for a rational drug policy based on promoting responsible cannabis use, rather than repression and arrest. The Confederation of German Criminal Officers (BDK) has called for the legalization of cannabis, saying that its ban makes no sense. "The prohibition of cannabis has historically been arbitrary and unti [...]
German Lawmakers Aim to Send a Signal of Readiness for Cooperation with Russia
SIMFEROPOL (Sputnik) - German lawmakers, who arrived in Crimea with a visit on Saturday, want to send a signal of greater cooperation possibilities with Russia, a member of the delegation said. "We want to send a special signal by this visit. Because we consider joint fruitful coexistence with Russia [...]
Russia sanctions a ‘dead horse,’ seriously damaged economy – German regional heads
Anti-Russian sanctions have achieved nothing other than placing a significant burden on the German economy, prime ministers of two German federal states have argued, calling on fellow regional leaders to demand their lifting. [...]
Germans Furious After New Report Reveals Merkel’s Record Breaking Arms Deals
A new report shows Angela Merkel's government has approved a record breaking €25 billion ($30.9 billion) worth of weapons sales since taking power in 2014, angering political rivals as well as the German public. [...]
Taking a Stand Against Trump: Merkel Likely to Join Macron at Davos
An appearance by the two together would be seen as a global counterbalance to Trump’s isolationist ‘America first’ political rhetoric. Following a Friday announcement that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has forged a preliminary coalition agreement with center-left Social Democrats (SPD) in Berlin, officials have noted tha [...]
Turkey Slams Austrian Gov’t That is Seeking to Freeze Ankara’s EU Bid
According to the Austrian government’s program, Vienna vows to end Turkey’s EU membership negotiations. Ankara has expressed strong protest over the program of the new Austrian government that has vowed to halt Turkey’s EU accession negotiations, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Sunday. [...]
AfD ‘Channeling People’s Discontent’: Possible Reasons Behind Party Success
The 2017 German federal elections brought the first representation of a right-wing party to Berlin since World War II, with the Alternative for Germany (AfD) taking nearly 100 seats in the Bundestag. The academic community is struggling to explain the reasons behind the popularity of the nationalist party. [...]
Guest Column from Germany — America Frightens Us
Guest Column from Germany -- America Frightens Us Dear Friends: I am pleased to be able to share with you this revealing article written for our website by the editor of an important website in Germany. Washington’s lies echoed by the presstitute media that serves Washington are destroying Washington’s credibility and [...]
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Responds to Merkel’s Words on Crimea
The Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman commented Monday on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's statement comparing Crimea's reunification with Russia to the German reunification. Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented Monday on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's statement comparing Crimea's reunifi [...]

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