France to Erect Fence on Belgium Border to Keep Out Plague from Africa – Reports

Construction is due to start on October 13 and will reportedly cover a number of French departments along the border. French authorities will set up a fence on the country’s border with Belgium to keep out the swine pest, which is spreading from the African continent, the French media outlet Republicain Lorrain reported, citing the prefect of the department Meurthe-et-Moselle.

France Sides With ICC: Institution Must Be Left to Operate Independently

France has commented on Washington’s threats, voiced by National Security Advisor John Bolton on Monday, to sanction the ICC if it goes ahead with plans to investigate suspected war crimes in Afghanistan carried out by members of the US armed forces and the CIA.

EU States, Russia, China to Discuss New Iran Deal, Leaving US Sidelined – Report

According to Reuters’ sources, the meeting will solely focus on the implementation issues and details of the Iran nuclear deal. Diplomats from Germany, France, Britain, led by senior EU diplomat Helga Schmid, and also from Russia and China, will be meeting in Vienna next week to discuss a new agreement with Iran similar to the 2015 deal, but one that would put curbs […]

“US not economic gendarme of planet”: France suggests EU may compensate firms hit by US sanctions

France’s economy minister has suggested that the EU may compensate European companies affected by US sanctions on Iran, stressing that the bloc should not accept Washington as “the economic gendarme of the planet.”

‘Are we America’s vassals?’ France vows to trade with Iran in defiance of US ‘economic policeman’

On the heels of Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran deal, France’s economy minister has urged Europe to stop acting like “US vassals” and continue trading with Tehran in defiance of what “the global economic policeman” has in store. “Do we want to be vassals who obey decisions taken by the United States while clinging to […]

US, UK, France Strike Syria With Over 100 Missiles in Response to Alleged Chemical Attack

US, UK, France Strike Syria With Over 100 Missiles in Response to Alleged Chemical Attack. News, Analysis, Multimedia. On April 14, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France launched strikes on a number of targets in Syria in response to an alleged chemical attack in the city of Douma, a Damascus suburb. The US […]

Syria strikes: High tech killing power with “good intentions”

After allegations of a chemical attack in Syria, Western fighter jets were soon revving their engines, ready to unleash a “€œhumanitarian intervention.”€ Chemical weapons inspectors were on their way to the Syrian town of Douma to investigate whether an attack had actually happened, but cruise missiles and tornado jets can go extremely fast, and embarrassingly […]

Caught in a lie, US & allies bomb Syria the night before international inspectors arrive

The US, Britain and France trampled international law to launch missiles against Syria, claiming to have “evidence” of the government’s use of chemical weapons. That evidence is based on terrorist lies. After a week of outrageous tweets and proclamations by POTUS Trump, which included continued accusations that Syria’s president ordered a chemical weapons attack on […]

‘Double standards: US, UK, France stand by Saudis in Yemen but pose as moral crusaders in Syria’

The Syria attack reveals the hypocrisy of the West – which fuels the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen despite documented abuses – but relies on unverified claims to punish Syria, journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark told RT. As Riyadh’s campaign in Yemen enters its fourth year, it has been repeatedly accused by rights groups of […]

The US and 3 allies are blaming Russia for nerve agent attack on ex-spy

Three countries agree with Britain that “it was highly likely that Russia was responsible for the attack.” President Donald Trump has consistently refused to punish Russia for its attacks on the United States and around the world — but that changed somewhat today.

‘Fantasy politics’: France accuses May of punishing Russia prematurely over ex-spy poisoning

France has undermined Theresa May’s attempts to garner support for punitive action against Russia, saying it wants more proof Moscow was behind the Salisbury poisoning. It accused the PM of engaging in “fantasy politics.” On Wednesday, May announced the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats and the suspension of bilateral talks.

Macron Urges EU to ‘React Quickly’ to Protectionist US Policies

Last week, US President Donald Trump had threatened to impose a tax on European cars and to introduce 25 percent import tariffs on steel and 10 percent tariffs on aluminum. “It is important in this context that the European Union reacts swiftly and proportionately within the WTO and in respect to the WTO,” French President Emmanuel Macron told journalists.

Whistling at women & asking for phone number could cost men €350 in France

Men in France could be fined €350 (US$435) if they follow women in the street, whistle at them, make loud comments about their appearance or ask for their phone numbers, according to a draft proposal to combat “sexual contempt.”

Taking a Stand Against Trump: Merkel Likely to Join Macron at Davos

An appearance by the two together would be seen as a global counterbalance to Trump’s isolationist ‘America first’ political rhetoric. Following a Friday announcement that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has forged a preliminary coalition agreement with center-left Social Democrats (SPD) in Berlin, officials have noted that the leader may travel to the World Economic Forum […]

Leader of French Right-Wing FN Party Le Pen Urges to ‘Overthrow EU From Within’

Leader of right-wing France’s National Front party Marine Le Pen said at the conference in Prague she hopes the European Union will be overthrown from within. Earlier in the day, the conference of anti-immigration parties of Europe took place in the Czech capital and was attended by Le Pen



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