Replacing Russian gas with American LNG would be ‘absolutely ridiculous’ – expert to RT

Washington is fiercely fighting for Germany’s energy market, trying to sell more of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the country, and to wrestle one of the biggest energy consumers away from Russian energy giant Gazprom. Germany currently gets around 60 of its natural gas imports from Russia.

Poland May Become Next Nation to Shoot Down Russian Military Plane – Activist

The US is looking to establish a permanent US military base in Poland. This is what President Donald Trump said on Tuesday following a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda at the White House. Sputnik discussed the potential establishment of a military base in Poland with Rick Rozoff – manager of the Stop NATO website.

Russia Ready to Fund Nord Stream 2 if US Imposes Sanctions – Report

The US has repeatedly denounced the Russian-European joint venture to build a direct gas pipeline from Russia to the center of the EU via the Baltic Sea. Apart from lambasting Berlin for colluding with Moscow, Washington has already laid the groundwork for sanctions against companies involved in Nord Stream 2.

Poland’s Ex-Foreign Minister Wants Warsaw to Improve Relations With Russia

Russian-Polish relations have reached a low point in recent years, with the two countries unable to see eye to eye on energy security, NATO’s military buildup on Russia’s borders, or the construction of a missile defense shield on Polish territory which Russia believes would challenge global strategic stability.

Anti-Immigrant Party Scores Record-Breaking Popularity in Germany – Poll

After weeks of controversy over migration policy and anti-migrant protests, the right-leaning Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has pushed back the German Social Democrats as the second strongest political force. They have shared leading positions with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union for years. The CDU is also losing points.

Merkel Pushes Deal With Northern Africa to Shield Europe From Illegal Migrants

Following a meeting of EU leaders in Salzburg, Austria, where they agreed to cooperate closer with Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Libya to curb illegal migration, the German chancellor has spoken out for modelling an agreement with them after a similar deal with Turkey.

Germany to resume arms sales to Saudis despite own Yemen-related ban – reports

The German government is to resume arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies despite a domestic agreement not to deliver weapons to countries involved in the bloody Yemen conflict, local media report.

‘Europe Belongs to Europeans’: Dalai Lama Stuns Swedish Public

The Tibetan leader, himself almost a lifetime refugee, shocked the country that during the 2015 migrant crisis took in the most refugees per capita by saying that refugees coming to Europe will have to return home someday. “Europe belongs to Europeans,” the Dalai Lama said at a conference in Malmö during his trip to Sweden, […]

Volkswagen agrees pull-out from Iran to comply with US sanctions – reports

Weeks of negotiations with the Trump administration have ended with carmaker Volkswagen (VW) agreeing to cease most of its operations in Iran, said US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, as cited by Bloomberg. “Volkswagen has told us they will comply with US sanctions on Iran,” said Grenell, adding: “We are pleased with this decision because […]

Top senator hints at Russia’s looming exit from Council of Europe

The Russian Upper House speaker says the country’s authorities are preparing to quit the Council of Europe as Russian politicians are “tired” of constant reprisals from the body. Russian Upper House speaker Valentina Matviyenko made the announcement at a Thursday meeting with the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Liliane […]

Informal Meeting in Austria: EU Heads Discuss May’s Brexit Proposal (VIDEO)

An informal meeting of the EU heads of state and government, devoted to Brexit as well as issues such as internal security and migration, is being held in the Austrian city of Salzburg, which started on Wednesday and is due to conclude later in the day.

Sacking of German Domestic Intelligence Chief Punishment for Truth – Analysts

BRUSSELS – German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to sack domestic intelligence chief and security expert Hans-Georg Maassen was a punishment designed to hide the “truth” about risks of uncontrolled immigration, lawmakers and political commentators told Sputnik.

US to Certify Russian Aircraft at Open Skies Meeting in Vienna – State Dept.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The United States on September 24 plans to sign in Vienna the certification that will allow Russian surveillance aircraft to operate in US territory under the Open Skies Treaty, a State Department official told Sputnik on Wednesday. “On September 18, the United States informed all states parties via formal treaty mechanisms that […]

Norway didn’t know much about Libya yet helped bomb it into chaos, state report finds

A Norwegian state report says the officials “had very limited knowledge” of what was going on in Libya, but promptly decided to join the US-led intervention, turning the once thriving North African nation into a terrorist hotbed.

Possible Swiss Anti-Russia Sanctions Contradict Country’s Policy – Russian Envoy

GENEVA (Sputnik) – Refusal to provide accreditation to certain diplomats to fill a vacant position in diplomatic missions is common practice, fueling a diplomatic scandal is senseless, Russian Ambassador to Switzerland Sergei Garmonin told Sputnik.



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