Ukraine 101 | Clinton urges less rhetoric… then compares Putin to Hitler

Disinformation. Propaganda. Special ops. Misdirection…
Posted by -Travis, March 15, 2014

The subject of Ukraine has been pushed more and more into the mainstream in the West. And with this ‘mainstream’ attention comes the omission of facts and outright lies we have come to expect. What is this all about? How did it start? What does it mean for me personally? Admittedly, this is not intended to be an in-depth history of Ukraine. But it is to give a general knowledge of how the current situation came to be. So here is your Ukraine 101.

To test the need for a Ukraine 101 post, I asked around to get people’s stories on Ukraine. Everybody I asked either didn’t know enough or knew enough of the wrong things. When I asked my nanu (grandfather), he ended up giving a course on US failed promises, Roosevelt, Stalin, etc. But the current situation was not really addressed. Interestingly, my sister knew the most about the situation. Like, a lot actually. When I asked her where she got her information, she said her nail beautician is Ukrainian. Well, of course!

So chances are unless you have your own Ukrainian beautician, you really have to go out of your way, and research on your own, to get the right info.

What you really need to know is this… Russia is certainly no angel, and it was draining Ukraine for decades. But what we are currently witnessing is a continued bloodlust by billionaires, neo-cons, western powers, IMF, and the EU. They are looking to wrap their tentacles and drain the resources from Ukraine in the guise of ‘democracy’. If neo-nazis happen to seize any power, oh well. If World War III is sparked, eh, it happens (that may even be the goal of some!). All that really matters is that their lust for power and wealth are temporarily satiated……until their next victim.

There is a complex history of this region that ‘Ukraine 101″ simply can not address. The battleground of Nazis vs Communists (and remnants to this day). The Breadbasket of Russia. Wrongs of Stalin on the people, leading to the deaths of millions. Evils of communism. It goes on and on. So we are going to look at ONLY the relatively recent sequence of events.

I only want to mention the ‘Orange Revolution’ back in 2004, because some of the same groups and players are back implementing tactics the current day. But they are also getting a lot of outside help. What kind of help do you ask? How about help from unwilling, unsuspecting United States taxpayers?

Right. Though Fox News and CNN may have left out that little tidbit, documents show the United States Agency for International Development funded the very groups involved with the coup in Ukraine. So next time you see the news report of unprovoked Russian aggression, at least now you have a little more context.

In the video at left, The U.S. State Department’s own Victoria Nuland boasted about spending $5 billion dollars (over 20 years) to Europeanize Ukraine. She does this in front of Chevron and Exxon backdrops.

Those are the same Chevron and Exxon that signed shale deals with Ukraine to be worth ‘billions of dollars.’ And that’s the same Victoria Nuland made famous by her “F*ck the EU” remark made while scheming in Ukraine. Nothing peculiar at all, right?

Again, there are a lot of back-stories, but this goes back to Ukraine’s decision to continue close ties to Russia, instead of committing to a trade agreement with the EU. Translated, the Ukrainian government decided to continue being a proxy state of Russia, as opposed to becoming a European Union proxy. The ‘western’ aided plan to combat such a decision was in the making for much time prior. So when the decision actually came down, the ‘revolution’ was all ready to go.

This is not unlike many other ‘revolutions’ throughout world history. Rarely can you find an organic revolution, but there is almost always a money trail. And this trail always leads back to an incentive either of power and/or money for someone or a group of someones. Such is life.

To make another point, this does not mean that there are no legitimate grievances. In this case, there is a huge amount of Ukrainians that want to be freed of Russia’s grip. They legitimately wanted to demonstrate to show disapproval of Yanokovych.  They really want a better deal, of which they believe the European Union would offer.

But to give an example, check this video (at right) where one shirtless man, led thousands to dance. Of course, the dancers wanted to dance, and they did so on their own accord. But what if the shirtless man and the first 2 followers were paid? Would there have been any dancing at all had they not started it?

Unfortunately, from what I surmise, their situation was taken advantage of, and they have become mere chess pieces. Those that went to demonstrate their own volition would have no reason to think otherwise, but this was started with outside intervention.

What I found (from halfway around the world), is that the seed money was already there and the spark was struck from outside sources. Then, the legitimate demonstrators joined in pretty early and continued to build. When the protest drew enough attention, the outside sources employed the provocateurs, thereby introducing the firebombs and murders.

In this case, it’s the EU looking for its latest state to plunder. It’s the neocons looking for the next war to reap their contracts. It’s the politicians’ diversion for their failures in their own country. For the billionaires, like George Soros and Pierre Omidyar, it’s unknown large sums of money through investments with their ‘prior’ knowledge. And through it all, Russia is propagandized as the aggressor. Again, I’m not saying Russia has no ill intent. They are as self-serving as the next, but we need to put this whole thing into its proper context.


To understand Ukraine 101 from a different perspective, follow along with this hypothetical situation…

  • Texas is allowed independence 20 years ago, but the US maintains a presence.
  • Texas remains a major trading partner with the US.
  • Russia and Mexico fund groups to enact regime change in Texas
  • Texas has a coup and a pro-Mexican/Russian is put into power
  • Texas now will trade with Mexico
  • The US protects its military bases and takes back the region with the most Americans, who want to be annexed with America
  • Russia tells the US not to meddle in the business of Texas
  • Russia threatens and enacts sanctions for ‘US aggression’

Did you get all of that? Foolish, right? Who is Russia to create turmoil in the United States’ backyard, affecting it’s the bottom line, then telling it to mind its own business?? OK, then the question becomes…..Who is the US to create turmoil in Russia’s backyard, affecting its bottom line, then telling it to mind it’s own business?? Got it?  So now for the names and the proof….

Ukraine 101 | A Few Players Abroad

YOU -That’s right. As Victoria Nuland gloated, unless you are the one ‘collecting’ a government check, you’re paying into the federally funded United States Agency for International Development. Which in turn, through Pact, Inc., gave money to Center UA. The National Endowment for Democracy donated money to the ’cause’ also.

George Soros – Open Society Foundations founder – through the International Renaissance Foundation, George Soros also gave money to Center UA. Yep, the same George Soros who profited back in 1992 off of Breaking the Bank of England.

Pierre OmidyarThis one is interesting. Pierre Omidyar funded the revolution through the International Renaissance Foundation, but that’s not all. He also happened to create First Look Media, which runs The Intercept. The Intercept’s focus is on the release of documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Yes, you read that correctly.

Is the United States being blackmailed by Omidyar with these NSA documents? Is Snowden himself a CIA plant to divert attention for something even more sinister?

John McCain – Back in December 2013, John McCain took his little Ukrainian solidarity trip to Kyiv to provide for some flame fanning and saber-rattling. Previously documented links between Soros and McCain are via Reform Institute and political donations.

John Kerry and Barack Obama, embarrassingly outmatched, threaten sanctions. This only serves to provoke Russia further.

“What difference at this point does it make” aka, Hillary Clinton, called for the rhetoric regarding Ukraine to be toned down. That same conversation from she continued to compare Putin to Hitler.  (Meanwhile, it was Vladimir Putin who did the most in averting war in Syria not too long ago)

The presence of Academi, big-time billionaires, government secrets, working hand in hand….This is like a bad Matt Damon movie. This is the worst kind of bipartisanship in politics…..when the neocons and the neoliberals get together, they spawn a really ugly baby.

Who was behind the sniper attacks? We saw both sides, police, and protesters, getting picked off. There have been reports that the same snipers were shooting at both. This is an easy way to incite violence where it otherwise would not have escalated.

More Here…

Ukraine 101 shows that all of these psychopaths are just seething for war. They wouldn’t be fighting it of course, but your sons would. The warmongers will just be gaining money and power from it. Do they say it’s for Democracy Now? But it seems the wailing for democracy only counts when the wrong puppet is in place. Though there is an oligarchical influence, was not Viktor Yanukovych duly elected in Ukraine?

So what is this call for democracy? A CIA front? Was the neo-nazi presence an unexpected consequence, or a calculated chess move? There has to be something more here. These people can’t be this blatant and inept, can they? Although seeing their lackeys in the media and the mainstream coverage, there is no reason they would NOT get away with their meddling.

NOTE: I recommend familiarizing yourself with this release from PANDO…..and a few more sources 1, 2


We saw the writing on the wall in January when FALSE pope Francis called for ‘constructive dialogue’ in Ukraine. When the peace doves were released, they were roundly attacked by a crow and a seagull. I hope we all can agree that such an incident is more than just a coincidence.

March 16 is the vote in Crimea on whether or not to join Russia. Will the West accept the decision? What if parts of eastern Ukraine do the same? Will the West honor their decision? Or does democracy only count when it benefits a certain group, in this case, the Western powers? Pray for a peaceful transition.

In my opinion, what it comes down to is this. Ukraine is like a helpless woman in an abusive marriage with her husband, Russia. She has filed for divorce, yet a part of her still wants to stay with Russia. But not only does her husband abuse her, but she is also abused by her lover, the EU/West. We are watching 2 bad dudes fight over a woman. They are both abusive. But can you really fault Russia for fighting to keep his wife? If a divorce is really what she wants, then to remarry would be adultery, so she is best served to remain independent, and not let the other bad dude lead her to sin.

Let’s pray to God her kids aren’t slaughtered in the battle for her. Let’s pray to God the men don’t drag their extended families into this fight because that would mean World War III. That’s what it means for you. And be vigilant, because both of these men could just as easily fight over another, like Syria, if it doesn’t work out with Ukraine.