Fukushima radiation hits San Francisco? (Dec 2013)

This shocking video was taken December 23rd 2013 with a quality Geiger Counter south of Pacifica State Beach (Surfers Beach) California. Background radiation. Officials “Not Concerned” With 500% Radiation Level Increase on Cali. Beach. Background radiation reading is 30 CPM. Near the ocean it’s 150 CPM. The moister coming from the ocean waves seems to […]

Government, Media Cover Up Fukushima Radiation Wave Hitting US

As radiation levels spike and mutated wildlife washes ashore, government and media promote delusion. Radiation hot spots are popping up around the United States thousands of percentages higher than ‘background radiation’, mutated wildlife is being found dead on the same West Coast beaches where increased radiation levels have been documented by independent researchers and the […]

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Solving The Fukushima Radioactivity Problem: Dump It All Into The Ocean

I’m reading with mounting incredulity the increasingly frenzied reports about the radiation problems at the site of the crippled reactors at Fukushima. The idea seems to be gathering speed that there is some major problem at the site, one that’s going to have regional or even global implications for health […]

Are Your Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish Really Over?

To paraphrase an oft-misattributed quote, pseudoscience can travel halfway around the world while good science is still putting its lab coat on. This would appear to be the case for “At the Very Least, Your Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish Are Over,” a hysterical blog post alleging that all fish out of the Pacific […]

Nuclear Iodine: Doctor Reveals Fukushima Intel

In a special overdrive segment, Alex takes an in-depth look at the way our bodies react to radioactive fallout from the Fukushima meltdown with Dr. Edward Group, an expert in heavy metal detox and other detox protocols and creator of GlobalHealingCenter.com.   Anthony Gucciardi is the Founder of the third largest natural health website in […]