‘US public getting fed up with Netanyahu’s insults of US govt’

I think there is no ‘love lost’ between Netanyahu and President Obama: they dislike each other at a personal level. But for reasons of politics they will shake hands and smile, says Professor James Petras of Binghamton University.

‘US beating drums of war against Russia to increase European defense spending’

European leaders know that the US wants to get them to spend money on military equipment which will be purchased from the US, says Brian Becker of the anti-war Answer Coalition. But Europe knows the dangers from the experience of two world wars, he added. Several senior American officials say Russia is the greatest threat […]

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Israelis vote against pretence of peace

Despite the predictions, the Israeli left has been soundly beaten in Tuesday’s elections by its more honest “right wing”, whose commitment to the total eradication of the Palestinians as any kind of political entity is openly stated. The defeat of the Zionist Union, ostensibly committed to negotiations and a two-state solution, should not, therefore, be […]

5 things Netanyahu forgot to tell the American people

This week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu broke with American protocol and delivered a speech before the US Congress without consulting the White House first. Many Democrats viewed the speech as an attempt by a foreign leader to chastise and change Washington’s foreign policy efforts, specifically with regards to Iran over its alleged efforts to […]

Israeli PM slams US spying activities as “€˜unacceptable”€™, demands investigation

Israel’€™s Prime Minister has condemned the US spying on Israeli leaders, saying such things are “€œunacceptable”€ and “€œmust not be done”€ between close allies. Benjamin Netanyahu has demanded investigation into the matter.