Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

Obama’s Ukraine Folly Comes Full Circle

“The mismatch between the realities on the ground and the nature of the president’s pronouncements reveals a president who is out of touch with reality.” This has been one of the underlying themes of those who have argued from the beginning of this drama that the West doesn’t have a stake in Ukraine’s fate to […]

Obama’s Burden and Rhetorical Asymmetry

President Obama has been having a rough summer, reflected in poll numbers that are as low as they have been during his presidency. Clearly a concatenation of developments overseas that appear to most Americans to be to some degree threatening accounts for much of the sour public mood and the broadsides being directed at the […]

Washington’s Latest War Fever | Consortiumnews

War fever is running high again in Official Washington with pols and pundits demanding that President Obama order a major military intervention in Iraq and Syria to stop the violent jihadists of ISIS, a group that got its start with the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, as ex-CIA analyst Paul Pillar recalls.