Got 15 Minutes or Less? 5 Moves for On-the-Spot Fitness

Fitting a workout in can be a challenge for many people. But if being healthy is a priority, fitting one in is a necessity. Exercise is important for overall health, not just weight maintenance, but the prevention of cardiovascular disease, inflammation, cancers, and more. Fortunately, with a little creativity, you can squeeze in a quick […]

Americans Are Eating More Than Ever, and Not Just at Restaurants

We consume too much sugar, too much cheese, and too much food in general. It’s easy to blame the over-sized portions at restaurants, but maybe we should figure out why we’re so inclined to overeat in the first place. One of the biggest problems is that we continue to eat too darn much.

19 Seasonal Fruits and Veggies to Eat This Fall

Fall fruits and veggies make for more than just a delicious Thanksgiving spread. It turns out autumn’s colorful bounty is also packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Fruits like apples, cranberries, and kiwis aren’t just rich in flavor — they offer essential vitamins and antioxidants, which boost immunity, slow aging, and may help fight cancer.