Obama considering immigration reform with executive actions, Congress readies to sue him

US President Barack Obama is reportedly considering options to move on immigration reform via executive action despite protests from disapproving members of Congress. The Obama administration has offered little in the way of details as a review of potential options by the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security continues.

Canadian denied entry to the US after agent cites private medical records

A wheelchair-bound Canadian woman was denied entry to the United States this week because she was previously diagnosed with clinical depression. Now she wants to know why the US Department of Homeland Security had her medical history on file.

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Whistleblowers say DHS employees earn millions each year in unearned overtime

Federal whistleblowers have alerted the White House to what they say is a “gross waste of government funds” by Department of Homeland Security agents, the likes of which has cost the United States approximately $8.7 million a year. The US Office of Special Counsel sent a report to President Barack Obama on Thursday,