‘Ever Onward to Victory’: How Che Guevara & Fidel Castro’s Legacy Helping Cuba Fight COVID-19

While Argentina-born Cuban revolutionary hero Ernesto “Che” Guevara would be 93 on 14 June 2021, the island is finalising testing its domestically made anti-coronavirus vaccines as the end of the pandemic is nowhere in sight. Latin America experts have shed light on how Che and Fidel laid the ground for Cuba’s healthcare and biotech development. […]

Covid-19: Cuba’s people-before-profit approach pays off as capitalism proves a bitter pill for the US

Havana has punched above its weight for decades when it comes to health. But never have the differences between its socialist system and the market-based system of its strongest detractor, America, been so apparent. Even before it reported novel coronavirus cases of its own in March, Cuba’s fingerprints were all over the efforts to stem […]

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Over 45 Countries Ask Cuba for Interferon to Treat the Covid-19 Virus 🧑‍⚕️😷

Outlet Granma reported that over 45 nations have requested Cuba for Interferon Alpha 2b Human Recombinant supplies given that this drug is effective in treating Covid-19 patients. Interferon is produced by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), a Cuban institution that enjoys prestige in the international scientific community. Created in the 1980s, this […]

Castro meets Pope, promises to go ‘back to praying & church’

Cuban President Raul Castro has promised to attend all Pope Francis’s masses when the pontiff visits Cuba. Castro said he may even go back to praying and church if “the pope continues to talk as he does.” The talks between the Cuban leader and the pontiff in Vatican were strictly private and lasted for about […]

Pope Francis unexpected hero of US-Cuba relations breakthrough

Pope Francis has congratulated both the US and Cuba on restoring relations, as the Vatican together with Canada were confirmed to have played a significant role in the talks which broke 50 years of cold. The Vatican said that it was a key player in negotiations between the two countries, “resulting in solutions acceptable to […]

Castro compares NATO to Nazi SS, slams US, Israel for “creating ISIS”

Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro compared NATO’s recent statements to that of Nazi SS and accused US and its allies of igniting conflicts abroad. Castro slammed John McCain for backing Israel and accused both of being involved in the creation of ISIS. Apparently referring to the pressure the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been […]

Russia to reopen Cuban mega-base to spy on America – report

Moscow and Havana have reportedly reached an agreement on reopening the SIGINT facility in Lourdes, Cuba – once Russia’s largest foreign base of this kind – which was shut down in 2001 due to financial problems and under US pressure. When operational, the facility was manned by thousands of military and intelligence personnel, whose task […]

“€˜Inhuman sanctions”€™ by US fail to achieve political goals, as people suffer

Washington seems certain that exerting sanctions on countries is the safest way to achieve their foreign policy goals. In reality economic and political sanctions do little to control the governments they target, hitting ordinary citizens hard instead. “The aim of sanctions is to harm the state. But the real victims are ordinary, regular people. Experience […]