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EU, US reaffirm ‘energy independence’ gameplan

US and EU diplomats have said they will help Ukraine cut back on Russian gas, and also promised to help diversify the Russian-dominated European energy market, a difficult long term task for energy-dependent EU countries. US Secretary of State John Kerry, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and other energy advisers met in Brussels on […]

UK to run out of oil, gas and coal in five years -€“ report

New research from the Global Sustainability Institute has found that Britain, France and many other European countries have low reserves of fossil fuels, and their home grown energy could be entirely reliant on imports in several years. The study found that the UK has just 5.2 years of oil, 4.5 years of coal and three […]

Shale gas and politics: Are Western energy giants€™ interests behind Ukraine violence?

Economic interests, such as untapped shale gas resources, already sliced and diced by Western energy giants, are behind the Kiev government’€™s “€˜anti-terrorist” operation against the pro-federalist regions, foreign policy expert Nebojsa Malic tells RT.

Record Balkan floods: At least 20 killed, tens of thousands forced to flee (PHOTOS)

At least 20 people were killed, tens of thousands evacuated, over 250,000 households left without power in what has been branded the ‘worst flooding’ on record across the Balkans. Officials in Bosnia say 12 people have died and more bodies could emerge as the water recedes from dozens of cities flooded in the past three […]

Police No Longer Need A Warrant To Search Your Home, Rules Supreme Court

If youre still in denial that American freedoms are being rapidly ripped away you may want to pay close attention to the latest Supreme Court ruling. Although the 4th Amendment clearly states that unreasonable searches and seizures require a judicially…

Melting of Antarctic ice sheet and 3-meter sea level rise inevitable – study

Massive regions of the ice sheet that makes up West Antarctica have begun collapsing in a process that scientists have worried about for decades and fear is likely unstoppable. Researchers warned that the accelerated pace of disintegration is expected to remain relatively slow over the next 100 years,

Operation American Spring: Militias promise to oust Obama, Boehner, top officials this Friday

A retired United States Army colonel expects as many as 30 million like-minded individuals will descend on Washington, DC this week and demand that President Barack Obama and other members of his administration be booted from office.

Got 15 Minutes or Less? 5 Moves for On-the-Spot Fitness

Fitting a workout in can be a challenge for many people. But if being healthy is a priority, fitting one in is a necessity. Exercise is important for overall health, not just weight maintenance, but the prevention of cardiovascular disease, inflammation, cancers, and more. Fortunately, with a little creativity, you can squeeze in a quick […]

Energy Bill’s Failure Shows Congress Can’t Agree to Agree

The sponsors of a bill to promote U.S. energy conservation built it to pass in a Congress where almost nothing passes. After businesses complained, the authors deleted mandates for tougher building-efficiency standards. Then they cut provisions that would have increased the U.S. deficit.

Economy – U.S. Is No. 1, China Is So Yesterday

The World Bank recently said the end of U.S. economic hegemony was coming before 2015 arrives. But we’ve heard this story before. Don’t believe the hype about China. Last time I looked (yesterday), the U.S. economy in 2013 was three times larger than the Chinese (in real 2005 dollars, according to the magnificent historical data […]

Son of US VP Joe Biden appointed to board of major Ukrainian gas company

Hunter Biden, son of US VP Joe Biden, is joining the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’€™s largest private gas producer. The group has prospects in eastern Ukraine where civil war is threatened following the coup in Kiev.

New tax law pushes record number of Americans to renounce US citizenship

A record number of Americans are renouncing their citizenship as they seek to remove the burden of filing complicated and costly tax returns simply for living in another country. Just over 1,000 Americans gave up their nationality in the three months from January to March. That’s a significant increase from the 670 who did so […]

Breaking: Fukushima Employee Files Lawsuit over Radiation Exposure

A worker at Fukushima filed a historic lawsuit over radiation exposure, saying TEPCO exposed him to dangerous levels of radiation without his knowledge. Shinichi is asking TEPCO for 11 million yen in compensation for the company’s negligence. That translates to only about $110,000 in US dollars – a small price for a big company to […]

Ron Paul: Why is US involved in Ukraine?

In several eastern Ukrainian towns over the past week, the military opened fire on its own citizens. Dozens may have been killed in the violence. Although the US government generally condemns a country’s use of military force against its own population, especially if they are unarmed protesters, this time the US administration blamed the victims.

France refuses to block Mistral warship deal with Russia

The French government has said that it will go ahead with 1.2 billion euro ($1.6 billion) contract to supply Russia with two Mistral helicopter carriers because cancelling the deal would harm Paris more than Moscow. In the wake of the crisis in Ukraine, the United States had been pressing France as well as Britain and […]



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