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Sacred Hair Growth Sequel Summary Overview Video
This is the Summary of the Sacred Hair Growth Series Videos, providing a quick overview of one of the best Hair Growth Remedies for now. "Viewer Discretion Is Advised." Sacred Hair Growth contains the best herbs and ingredients on earth to stop hair fall, and encourage natural hair re-growth. [...]
Hair Growth Remedies and Sacred Hair Growth
For natural hair growth remedies, the all natural Sacred Hair Growth formula is the solution if your hair is thinning, graying, or worse you experience a certain increase in hair loss. A sure sign of an unhealthy development and reasons for concern as this eventually will lead to partial or complete hair loss. [...]
Brazilian president: US surveillance a “breach of international law”
Dilma Rousseff's scathing speech to UN general assembly the most serious diplomatic fallout over revelations of US spying. She launched a blistering attack on US espionage at the UN general assembly, accusing the NSA of violating international law by its indiscriminate collection of personal information of Brazilian citizens and [...]
Fisa court: no telecoms company has ever challenged phone records orders
Judge says requests for mass customer data have not been challenged "despite the mechanism for doing so." No telecommunications company has ever challenged the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court's orders for bulk phone records under the Patriot Act, the court revealed on Tuesday. [...]
“€˜Inhuman sanctions”€™ by US fail to achieve political goals, as people suffer
Washington seems certain that exerting sanctions on countries is the safest way to achieve their foreign policy goals. In reality economic and political sanctions do little to control the governments they target, hitting ordinary citizens hard instead. “The aim of sanctions is to harm the state. But the real victims are ordina [...]
Stephen Fry joins demand to end NSA and GCHQ mass surveillance
Whistleblower Edward Snowden's revelations lead to petition signed by free speech groups and high-profile writers. Stephen Fry will join 40 free speech groups and other high-profile authors and artists on Tuesday to demand an end to the mass surveillance revealed by the whistleblower Edward Snowden. [...]
NSA surveillance goes beyond Orwell’s imagination – Alan Rusbridger
Guardian editor says depth of NSA surveillance programs greatly exceed anything the 1984 author could have imagined. The potential of the surveillance state goes way beyond anything in George Orwell's 1984, Alan Rusbridger, the Guardian's editor-in-chief, told an audience in New York on Monday. [...]
CIA-Linked Vet Who Fought With Al-Qaeda Released From Jail
Eric Harroun gets "sweet plea deal" despite supporting terrorists who killed US troops. An Army veteran whose father said he was working for the CIA has been released from jail despite fighting alongside an Al-Qaeda terrorist group in Syria that was responsible for killing US troops in Iraq. [...]
7 Things You Are Wasting Your Money On
by EMYRALD SINCLAIRE Is the cash in your wallet always mysteriously disappearing? Maybe you need to get a grip on your spending habits. Here are 7 things you could be wasting your money on.   Latte at your favorite coffee shop, like Starbucks. Not only are you supporting a global empire, you are wasting money. You can brew your [...]
Obama’s “independent” NSA review board staffed with administration insiders
President Barack Obama said in August that an independent panel will review the United States€™ surveillance capabilities in the wake of damaging NSA leaks. One month later, though, that group'€™s game plan is being called into question. A steady stream of disclosures credited to former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden [...]
Saudi Arabia Threatens to “End Career” of AP Reporter Over Chemical Weapons Story
Journalist who exposed how rebels were behind August 21st attack faces intimidation. Associated Press reporter Dale Gavlak has been threatened over her involvement in a story which exposed how Syrian rebels were responsible for the August 21st chemical weapons attack after being handed the weapons by Saudi intelligence agents. [...]
“€˜Austerity belt”€™ proves fashionable in Germany, Merkel wins elections
Angela Merkel may be resented by the rest of Europe, but Sunday'€™s election result is validation by Germans of the Chancellor'€™s handling of the euro crisis, as they signed-up for four more years of tough austerity. Merkel’s cautious handling of the euro crisis secured her a third term as Chancellor, but she may struggle [...]
USDA Now Considers GMO Contamination “€˜Normal”€™
GMO contamination that will ultimately suffocate the entire industry if something isn't done. In a telling response to the highly concerning discovery that Monsanto’s genetically modified alfalfa ended up contaminating a ‘GMO-free’ crop harvest, the USDA went on record in declaring that the genetic contamination was perfec [...]
First Responders: Radios Failed During Navy Yard Shooting
Adan Salazar | Technical snafu adds extra layer of mystery to Navy Yard shooting's questionable events. In a report that has gone virtually unnoticed in the mainstream press, D.C. police and firefighters who first arrived to assist at the Washington Navy Yard earlier this week say they were frustrated when their radios failed du [...]
Barack Obama urges resistance to ‘creeping resignation’ on gun laws
US president tells memorial for Washington navy yard victims Americans must not accept mass shootings as inevitable. President Barack Obama has called for a transformation in US gun laws at a memorial service for the Washington navy yard shooting victims, saying, "There's nothing inevitable about it." Obama said Americans should [...]

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