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Cameron vows to scrap Human Rights Act, civil liberties groups outraged

Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to scrap the Human Rights Act if the Conservatives are re-elected in Britain’s 2015 general election. The controversial proposal has stoked the ire of civil rights groups across the nation. Speaking on the final day of the Conservative Party’s four-day conference, Cameron pledged to do away with the Act […]

US Secret Service director resigns after series of scandals

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned from her post atop the security detail in charge of protecting United States President Barack Obama on Wednesday following several recent serious breaches. Pierson, who was appointed only last year to head the US Secret Service after the agency’s reputation was marred by events that preceded her tenure as […]

US warns Israel against building new settlements in E. Jerusalem

Washington harshly criticized Israel’s decision to move forward with new settlements in east Jerusalem on Wednesday, adding that the plan could alienate Tel Aviv from “even its closest allies.” US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the development – which calls for more than 2,600 new homes in a highly contested area of east Jerusalem […]

Putin: Russia won’t limit access to internet

At a meeting with Russia’s Security Council, President Vladimir Putin has said the problem of the country’s ‘informational space’ security is of top priority, but assured the state has no intentions of limiting access to the web. “We do not intend to limit access to the web, put it under total control, make the internet […]

Germany’s largest public broadcaster admits “too little Russian interests” in Ukraine coverage

The chief director of ARD, Germany’s largest public TV broadcaster, responded to viewers’ criticism and the supervisory committee over its coverage of the Ukraine crisis. He said it conveyed Russian interests “too little” and could question NATO more.

Cameron “hemorrhaging support”: Millionaire Tory donor defects to UKIP

Prime Minister David Cameron suffered yet another embarrassing defection on Wednesday, as former Tory donor and millionaire Arron Banks announced he will redirect his monetary allegiance to UKIP. The news follows a spate of Tory defections. Banks, a UK insurance mogul who has channeled hundreds of thousands of pounds into Conservative Party coffers since 2005, […]

At least 11 killed, 40 injured in shelling in Donetsk, E. Ukraine, school hit

At least 11 people have been killed and 40 others have been injured in Donetsk, where a school and a bus stop came under fire – reportedly from Ukrainian Army positions. Two people are reported to have died at the school, and nine at the bus stop, according to Donetsk People Republic’s Depity Prime Minister […]

“Free speech clampdown”: New Australian law sees journalists facing 10yrs in prison

Australia’s lower house of parliament has passed the first in a series of counter-terrorism amendments toughening the country’s national security law. The new legislation could see journalists jailed for reporting on related matters. National Security Amendments Bill (No. 1), passed by Australia’s House of Representatives on Wednesday, says a person who discloses information relating to […]

Eurofighter hull hitch: Germany halves fighter flying hours

The German Air Force has spotted a manufacturing fault in the hull of Eurofighter Typhoon multirole fighter jet. The Defense Ministry ordered annual flying hours for each aircraft be halved due to the fuselage possibly becoming unstable. The defect was discovered in the rear section of the aircraft’s hull, forcing the announcement of suspended delivery […]

SecretServiceFail: Armed man “slipped past agents, rode in elevator with Obama”

An armed man who has been convicted of assault and battery three times was somehow able to slip past the Secret Service and ride in an elevator with President Barack Obama earlier this month, several media reports have said. The incident – which reportedly took place just three days before a man with a knife […]

Mix-up sees Iraq pilot drop aid, ammo for ISIS instead of govt troops

An Iraqi pilot accidentally dropped aid and ammunition into territory controlled by the Islamic State. They were intended to help government forces in the west of Iraq, but instead the blunder ended up aiding the enemy. The mistake was confirmed by two Iraqi officials, who said the airdrop of food, water and ammunition was meant […]

Russian senators cancel official US visit, plan to cut links with “hostile” EU states

Russia’s Federation Council will boycott a scheduled business roundtable with US Senators next month, and has voiced intentions to stop co-operation with all sanction-supporting EU parliaments. The decision by members of the upper house to stay away from the October 14-15 summit in New York was voiced by the Council’s International Affairs Committee to Izvestia […]

Nearly $1bn already spent on US military campaign against ISIS

The US-led military operation against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants has likely so far cost between $780 and $930 million, according to an estimate by Washington-based think tank specializing in defense issues. The estimate is part of a report attempting to forecast how much the operation might cost in the future.

Afghan, US officials sign long-awaited pact to ensure troops stay past 2014

The new President of Afghanistan Ghani Ahmadzai has paved the way for US troops to stay in the country. He has signed a security deal with the US, which will see just under 10,000 American soldiers present, to help train and assist Afghan forces. National security adviser Hanif Atmar and U.S. Ambassador James Cunningham signed […]

“Join the invisible to make the impossible”: Israel’s Mossad now recruits agents online

Israeli intelligence has given up to modern trends and introduced an online questionnaire for would-be spies. Unlike the businesslike CIA or MI5 web draft campaigns, Israelis are luring volunteers with mystery halo always shrouding Mossad’s activities. Mossad has become one of the last intelligence agencies in the world that vouchsafed to recruiting volunteer spies online, […]



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