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3 days in Donetsk: 70+ civilians killed, over 100 wounded
Over 70 people have been killed in the Donetsk Region, and 116 others have been wounded over the last three days of fighting in eastern Ukraine, according to a statement by regional authorities. The Ukrainian army has been shelling Donetsk and its suburbs overnight as well. On Tuesday, the military seized a key train station [...]
Pulitzer Winners Decry DOJ Moves Against Risen and Press Freedom
Fourteen Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists issued strong individual statements Monday that voiced emphatic support for New York Times reporter James Risen and urged the Justice Department to stop threatening him with harsh fines or imprisonment. Many of the statements from the Pulitzer winners included scathing criticisms of [...]
‘Blindsided’: Israel uses US DoD, Congress ties to sideline White House on Gaza – report
Israel derailed the Obama administration's attempts to mediate the Gaza crisis by striking an arms deal with the Pentagon and using leverage on the Congress, the WSJ reported. The relations are now at a low and the quarrel is personal. The strain between the White House and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet [...]
Putin: Russians need to engage, but have no confrontation with wider world
Russians must consolidate and develop their country, neither sliding into isolationism nor sacrificing their dignity for the sake of pleasing anyone, President Vladimir Putin declared. “We have to develop our country with calm, dignity and efficiency, without barricading ourselves from the outer world or breaking ties with [...]
In the line of fire: Journalists killed and abducted in Eastern Ukraine
As human rights organizations call for an end to repression against the press in Eastern Ukraine, RT recalls the journalists who were abducted, tortured or paid the ultimate price and lost their lives while reporting from the heart of the civil war. Eastern Ukraine has been dubbed a “trap for journalists” by Human Rights [...]
Huffington Post Reporter Arrested In Ferguson
The Huffington Post's Ryan J. Reilly and the Washington Post's Wesley Lowery were arrested Wednesday evening while covering the protests in Ferguson, Missouri after the death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, who was shot by a police officer last week. The journalists were released unharmed, but their detentions highlight [...]
Google’s Satellites Could Soon See Your Face from Space
Google's hired eyes in the sky will soon be able to make out “manholes and mailboxes.- What else? Google will soon have an unprecedented ability to spy on you from space. Theoretically, at least. How? Two months ago, after much lobbying by the biggest satellite company in North America, DigitalGlobe, the US govern [...]
American broadcasters see RT as major challenge, want to try to compete
The Ukraine crisis has shown that Russia has been strong in getting its message across to international audiences, a meeting of US international media chiefs concluded, outlining the need for Washington to create a Russian-language TV news channel. The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), a bipartisan agency that supervises [...]
Russia to boost trade with Egypt after Western food ban
Russia will increase exports of wheat to Egypt and imports of other agriculture products from it, Russian officials said on Tuesday as the two countries discussed the potential for free trade. The move comes as Russia seeks new sources of supply after it banned most food imports from the United States, the European Union, Aus [...]
Putin’s electoral rating doubles in 2014
Some 82 percent of Russians with firm political preferences say they would vote for Vladimir Putin if a presidential poll were to be held on the nearest weekend, according to the latest research by independent pollster the Levada Center. Of all people who took part in the poll, 52 percent said they were ready to vote for Puti [...]
Record high US income gap threatens housing recovery
Inequality between the richest and poorest metropolitan areas in the US is at its highest since 1969, and could hamper the recovery of the housing market that was at the heart of the 2008 financial crisis. A report by the US Commerce and Labor Department shows that when analyzing the largest 100 metropolitan areas in the coun [...]
Confidence in German economy falters as Russia sanctions take their toll
Economists fear eurozone recovery may be derailed after German ZEW indicator plunges to 20-month low. Europe's standoff with Russia has affected the region's largest economy after economic confidence in Germany nosedived unexpectedly, fuelling fears the eurozone's weak recovery will be snuffed out. [...]
Russian aid can enter with Red Cross: Ukraine
MOSCOW: With a theatrical flourish, Russia on Tuesday dispatched hundreds of trucks covered in white tarps and sprinkled with holy water on a mission to deliver aid to a desperate rebel-held zone in eastern Ukraine. The televised sight of the miles-long convoy sparked a show of indignation from the government in Kiev, which i [...]
Ecuador: We don’t need permission to trade with Russia
Ecuador doesn't need anybody's permission to export agricultural products to Russia, which now has a big gap that needs to be filled after it banned supplies from a number of western countries, said President Rafael Correa. “I want to immediately say that we don’t need to get anybody’s permission to sell products to fri [...]
France to supply weapons to Kurdish forces in Iraq
France is to join the club of Western nations directly assisting Iraqi Kurds. Paris said the Kurds are in "urgent need" of support to fight against the radical Islamic State group. The French president’s office said the arms shipments will be delivered in a matter of hours and have been agreed to by Baghdad. [...]

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