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Edward Snowden Wins Whistleblower Award in Germany
Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has been awarded the biennial "whistleblower prize"€ in Germany, in recognition of his "€œbold efforts"€ to expose the monitoring of communications data by his former employer. In Snowden’s address on the presentation of the 2013 Whistleblower Award - channeled by internet activi [...]
Oliver Stone Tears Apart Obama’s Empire
Abby Martin sits down with Academy Award Winning Director, Oliver Stone, and Historian Peter Kuznick, to talk about US foreign policy and the Obama administration's disregard for the rule of law. [...]
NSA broke its own rules in “virtually every” record, declassified documents show
The National Security Agency systematically broke its own rules and collected information it wasn't supposed to, according to 1,000 pages of highly redacted classified files released for the first time by the Obama administration. [...]
Alcoholics paid with beer to clean Amsterdam’s streets
In order to keep Amsterdam clean, the city now hires chronic alcoholics. For five cans of beer, tobacco and about $13 in cash per day they have to sweep the city's streets. The new project aims at tackling anti-social behavior by keeping addicts busy. [...]
Top 5 Ways America is Exceptional | Brainwash Update
Abby Martin defends the notion of American Exceptional-ism, highlighting the categories where the US truly is exceptional, from obesity to war making, but not in the areas that Americans should be proud of such as literacy and environmental protection. [...]
50yrs after JFK assassination: Choose your side in war on freedom
Make no mistake: the 'American Dream' was mortally wounded alongside John F. Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. The President's unpunished murder was an 'open season' declaration on the elected leadership in the West. 'Robbed' of their 1962 Cuban nuclear war, the assassins were letting the whole world know who was 'Th [...]
Merkel demands clarity on NSA’€™s role in Germany
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has demanded that Washington give Germany clarity over the future of the NSA in the country, stating that the practice had put transatlantic ties "€œto the test.-€œThe allegations are grave,"€ she said. Merkel kicked off the session by tackling the controversial issue of the US tapping her [...]
Fiery Pro-Wrestler Smacks Down TSA
Pro-wrestler Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane, slammed the TSA (pun intended) in a recent speech before the Liberty Political Action Committee (LPAC), stating that the idea the government agency protects the nation is a complete joke. [...]
Physicist Dr. Busby Warns of Chernobyl Like Future for America
Alex Jones welcomes chemical physicist Dr. Christopher Busby to discuss what the removal of nuclear fuel rods at the Fukushima Daiichi Plant entails, and to examine the tsunami-battered nuclear reactor's persisting radiation threat. ☢ Fukushima: Beyond Urgent ☢ Top Scientist: Another Fukushima Quake W [...]
CIA monitors Americans’ financial activities
The Central Intelligence Agency is collecting bulk records of international money transfers, including the financial and personal data of millions of Americans. Citing “officials familiar with the programs,” the Wall Street Journal reported that the CIA and FBI collect financial information when international transactions ar [...]
Drug War Horror: Border Agents Probed Woman’s Vagina and Anus
Without Consent In Fruitless Search For Narcotics. What is wrong with law enforcement in the Southwest? They've become notorious for invasive drug searches. A week after news outlets spotlighted the cases of two New Mexico men who had their anuses searched by police looking for drugs, another woman has come forward with a simila [...]
Despite repeated warnings, US “€˜subsidizing”€™ Afghan companies with ties to terrorism – report
American taxpayers have unwittingly paid more than $150 million to companies throughout the Middle East that are known to have helped finance terrorist attacks on US soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, according to a new internal US government report. [...]
“Golden press:”€™ Teenage Mental Illness Soars in Wealthy US, UK Families
Mental health problems in children from wealthy US and UK families soar, new research reveals. The richer sectors of society are facing a crisis of eating disorders, drug abuse and self-harm, mostly due to "€œunrealistic"€ expectations pinned on kids. Wealthy parents expect their off-springs to excel in all fields, includi [...]
Veterans Day: 40 percent of NYC veterans need food assistance
Roughly 40 percent of New York City’s military veterans are finding themselves facing hunger with few options for help, and the problem may be get worse in the future. According to Margarette Purvis, the president and CEO of the Food Bank for New York City, about 95,000 veterans need food aid such as those offered by soup k [...]
AT&T gets paid millions by the CIA to give up user data
The second-largest telecom country in the United States has been on the Central Intelligence Agency’s payroll to the tune of $10 million a year in exchange for voluntarily handing over troves of phone logs, the New York Times reported Thursday. Citing federal officials with knowledge of the program, The Times’ Charlie Sav [...]
Top Scientist: Another Fukushima Quake Would Mean US Evacuation, ‘Bye Bye Japan’
Anthony Gucciardi | Award winning scientist says another 7.0 earthquake hitting Fukushima would mean US evacuations, "bye bye Japan." “I have seen a paper which says that if in fact the fourth plant goes under in an earthquake and those rods are exposed, it’s bye bye Japan and everybody on the west coast of North America sho [...]
TSA will now “pre-screen” your taxes, car registration, passport, employment history, and more
Travelers are now being subjected to even more invasive screening procedures by the infamous Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Before “allowing” people to travel, the TSA is performing unwarranted checks of a wide variety of personal documents, going further than ever before into the lives of innocent passengers. [...]

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