The Duran

Jeffrey Sachs Testimony at the UN Security Council Meeting – November 20, 2023🎞
On November 20, 2023, The UN Security Council held an open debate on "Promote sustaining peace through common development" under the agenda item "Maintenance of international peace and security." SDSN President Jeffrey Sachs was invited to brief the Security Council.                             [...]
While America’s Plan To Destroy China’s Will Fail | Ft. The DURAN & Cyrus Janssen🎞
Join us for a riveting live stream live stream event hosted by our esteemed guests, The Duran's Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris, alongside Cyrus Janssen and Reporterfy Media, will guide us through the intricate web of international relations. In this captivating discussion, our attention will be firmly fixed on the ongoing China USA Economic war. Show Topic for more... China’s [...]
The Duran On Ukraine’s Failed Offensive, Zelensky’s UN Trip, NATO’S Woes🎞
The Duran's @AlexChristoforou and @AlexMercouris join the program to discuss the latest developments in the Ukraine conflict, including the prospects of the offensive and Zelensky's trip to the UN, plus much more. [...]