Clare Daly

The EU’s Shameless Support Of Israel’s Genocide EXPOSED | The Monthly Daly🎞
In November 2023, Clare Daly and Mick Wallace used almost every opportunity to speak in the EU parliament to decry the horrendous Genocide Israel is committing in Gaza, repeat the death toll, decry the horror, and demand an end to hostilities and an immediate ceasefire. Of course, not of it was heeded in the most honorable halls of the EU. This institution, that prides itself for its "constant eff [...]
Irish Politician Attacks EU Commission Chief Over Gaza War; ‘Overriding Elected Govts’🎞
An Irish MEP has accused the EU Commission President of escalating the war in Gaza . Member of European Parliament, Clare Daly, called Ursula Von Der Leyen "Frau Genocide". Daly added Von Der Leyen was elevated to power without a single vote from citizens. This after Von Der Leyen has repeatedly voiced support for Israel amid the war against hamas. Watch this to know more. Best of: MEP Clare Da [...]
The EU Is Submitting All Its Interest To The USA | The Monthly Daly | July 2023🎞
Clare Daly on "the European Chips Act" The bravado about the vibrant European industry, the Chips Act actually is just another example of Europe’s scrambling to respond to unilateral US moves to protect its interests – something the US always does with zero care for the consequences of anybody else. And the irony, of course, is that of all of those US-dominated multilateral institutions – [...]